Solidly promote the high quality development of vocational education

Solidly promote the high quality development of vocational education

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page to learn to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China. And historical experience (hereinafter referred to as "resolution") is a Marxist programming literature. It is a political declaration in the new era of China’s Communists to keep in mind the initial mission, adhere to the socialism of Chinese characteristics. The Action Guide of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. "Resolution" is a good direction in which the high-quality development of vocational education is demonstrated in the new era.

  Promoting the high quality development of vocational education must always use the Lid Tree people as an fundamental task.

The "resolution" pointed out that "the comprehensive implementation of the party’s education policy, priority development education, the fundamental task of clarity education is the socialist builders and successors who cultivate the comprehensive development of morality in Germany."

The work of Lidshu people in vocational education must meet the characteristics of students in vocational colleges. Under the guidance of the party’s comprehensive leadership and Marxism theory, strengthen the effectiveness of the educational people in higher vocational colleges, and play the field of work and Practical educating people in the field of Communist Youth League, helping students establish the correct professional values, so that the students of the vocational colleges have always maintained the firm belief in Marxism, and the feet is full of technical skills to report the strength of the country.

It is necessary to use the patriotism of China’s excellent traditional culture, the spirit of the craftsman, the spirit of the labor, and the professional education, so that the students of the vocational colleges will inherit excellence, persistence, pursue excellent professionalism, thick patriotism,砥 强 强 国,, practice the trip to the country. Promoting the high quality development of vocational education must always integrate production and education, school-enterprise cooperation as a key core.

"Resolution" pointed out that "implementation of employment priority policies, promoting more adequate, higher quality employment." The source of vocational colleges focused on rural villages, solving higher quality and more fully employment of students in vocational colleges, let them become each line The backbone and elite of all industries are the vivid manifestations of "employment is the biggest people’s livelihood". Vocational colleges should integrate production and education, school-enterprise cooperation as a core element of running a model, realizing the integration of professional settings and industrial needs, integration of teaching standards and occupational standards, classroom teaching and corporate training, teacher development and industrial update Combination, student skills, and corporate technology integration, focus on improving professional and employment matching, promoting higher quality employment.

Vocational colleges must find key focus and common interests in the school enterprise cooperation, using teachers’ advantages to help companies understand problems, service enterprise technology development demand, so that the blend of education is not only "temperature", but also "deep", school Enterprise-made achievements anti-school education teaching and student development, strengthen internship and employment guidance, stability and development of students’ employment channels, and achieve more fully employment.

  Promoting high quality development of vocational education must always take service national and economic social development as responsibility.

"Resolution" pointed out that "promoting the construction of strong country, accelerating the development of modern industrial system."

Vocational education high-quality development should anchor national major strategic deployment, take the initiative to act as a priority, and provide strong talent guarantees to the country from the manufacturing big country and intelligent manufacturing transformation to develop modern industrial systems to improve talent supply quality.

It is necessary to enroll in the village and social economic development, stimulating the endogenous motivation of vocational education.

Vocational colleges should enhance their skills to adapt to the ability to adapt, they should go out of the school gate, go to society, seriously investigate the market and industrial supply demand, so that vocational education can effectively open all aspects of production, distribution, circulation, consumption, with local economic and social development Frequency resonance, deep integration, play a greater role in the new journey of building a socialist modern country, showing greater. Promoting the high-quality development of vocational education must always achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation as a historical mission.

"Resolution" pointed out, "tightly serve the national rejuvenation, promote the main line of human progress, high-level, development, cooperation, win-win flag, advance and improve all-round, multi-level, three-dimensional diplomatic layout, actively develop the global partner relation.

"The new era, vocational education should take national rejuvenation as its own responsibility, and strive to cultivate international competitive technical skills, and promote the construction of" all the way "to cooperate, participate in local infrastructure construction, and promote local manufacturing. Industry transformation and upgrading, benefiting the local people, and speeding up the global value chain cooperation and other transport more patriotic outstanding talents. In accelerating the new development pattern of the domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion, to achieve education chain, talent Chain and industrial chain, innovative links, allow vocational education to go out, enhance the internationalization level, cultivate more local technical skill-type talents, serve international capacity cooperation, provide more public products for the international community, in international affairs Plays the role of responsible national countries to create a favorable external environment for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Author Liu Xiaoqi, deputy director of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College, Vice President of Marxist College, Associate Professor).

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Uit de geschiedenis van het feest om de intelligentie van de massale lijn te oefenen

Uit de geschiedenis van het feest om de intelligentie van de massale lijn te oefenen

  Als u de prijs wilt weten, moet u eerst een geschiedenis zijn, en de geschiedenis van de partij bevat de wijsheid en kracht van het feest. Algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping wees erop: "De honderd jaar van de geschiedenis van onze partij is een geschiedenis van het beoefenen van de offici?le missie van het feest, is een geschiedenis van het feest en de mensen, dezelfde ademhaling en een totaal van het leven.

"De massa-lijn is de levenslijn en de fundamentele werkroute van onze partij. Het is een belangrijke passage van onze partij voor altijd en energiek en gevechtsvermogen. De geschiedenis van het feest leren, we moeten leren van de intelligentie van de massa-lijn en gebruik je je hart om je huiswerk te maken. Het stimuleert volledig de creatie van de mensen in de mensen. Ons feest is van de mensen, de wortels en bloed van de partij in de mensen.

Al meer dan honderd jaar zal de Chinese Communistische Partij de grote overwinning van de ontberingen ervaren, en de oorzaak is om altijd te hechten aan het concept van de mensen of de bovenste waarde, de mensen in de hoogste positie in het hart, oefen de Massa lijn, stevige de wortel van de mensen zal van de mensen van de mensen leren. General secretaresse Xi Jinping wees erop: "Jiangshan is de mensen, de mensen zijn Jiangshan, de harten van het volk zijn gerelateerd aan het leven en de dood van het feest." Vanaf de verjaardagsdatum, stelt de partij het Chinese mensen om geluk te maken en de initi?le mensen te doen Missie van de Chinese natie om het begin van de banner te doen herleven..

Van de lange slagweg "half katoen", "kan men niet minder zijn" op de uitgebreide kleine weg, onze partij is altijd ongewijzigd, en de belangen van de mensen te allen tijde zullen de mensen van harte van harte dienen. In de toekomst moeten we zich houden aan het mensengericht denken, de mensen van het volk voor een goed leven als een worsteling plaatsen, oefen het fundamentele doel van de partij en implementeer de massa-lijnen van de partij aan alle activiteiten.

  Oefen de massa-route van de partij, om effectief de theoretische gewapende en de opvattingen van de massa’s te versterken.

Het marxisme is van mening dat het volk historische makers zijn en de hoofdmacht is om sociale ontwikkeling te bevorderen. Om de massale lijn van de partij te oefenen, moeten we de basistheorie van het marxisme zorgvuldig leren. Basis, vormen de geest van de Geest, het helm van stabiliteit.

Het is noodzakelijk om te leren, en integreren door de bovenkant, verder het begrip van de aard van het feest, en we zullen altijd de massa’s altijd houden en houden altijd de levendige aard van de marxistische politieke partijen.

  Oefen de massaprogramma’s van de partij moet altijd het vlees en het bloed van het feest houden met de mensen.

Het grootste politieke voordeel van onze partij is dicht bij de massa. Het grootste gevaar na het governance van de partij is om uit de massa te komen.

Comrade Mao Zedong zei: "Onze communisten zijn als zaden, mensen zijn zo goed dan land.

Toen we op een plaats aankwamen, moeten we de mensen daar combineren, wortelwortel in het midden van de mensen, bloeien.

"Algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping wees erop dat" het feest en de wind en de regen van de bevolking in dezelfde boot, leven en dood, altijd vlees en bloedcontact houden, is de fundamentele garantie voor de partij om alle moeilijkheden en risico’s te overwinnen. "Verlof Het is van de massa’s, er is een zegen met de massa’s, er is een moeilijkheid, zout is zout, er is geen zout. Als het grootste momentum het probleem van ontevredenheid met de mensen oplost, zet dan niet Niet blij, de belofte gaat niet akkoord met alle fundamentele normen die verloren zullen gaan, zodat onze partij altijd het vertrouwen en de steun en de steun en de steun van de partij zal winnen. Oefen de lijn van de partij, vertrouw altijd op de mensen.

Geschiedenis en realiteit hebben herhaaldelijk aangetoond dat de mensen de kracht van de kracht van onze partij zijn, wat de fundamentele kracht is om ons toekomstige lot te bepalen. General Secretary Xi Jinping Wees op: "Geschiedenis is geschreven door de mensen, en alle prestaties worden toegeschreven aan de mensen.

Zolang we de mensen diep geworteld hebben, vertrouw je op de mensen, kun je oneindige kracht, wind en regen en enthousiasme krijgen. "De huidige wereld ervaart een grote verandering in de afgelopen 100 jaar, en de omgeving waarin het milieu in binnen- en buitenland diep verandert, en de Chinese nationale verjonging wordt geconfronteerd met een reeks nieuwe kansen en wordt geconfronteerd met een ongekende risico-uitdagingen.

In het aangezicht van de situatie, de grote strijd met veel nieuwe historische kenmerken, moeten we wijsheid en kracht trekken uit de geschiedenis van het feest, altijd aandringen op alles voor de mensen, vertrouwen op de mensen, waardoor de mensen voortdurend ten goede komen , dus het coaten van de krachtige kilo zwakte, cre?er een nieuw groter wonder in het nieuwe tijdperk.

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Southern Airlines North Branch four service new initiatives to help the elderly Spring Festival travel

Southern Airlines North Branch four service new initiatives to help the elderly Spring Festival travel

This year, the Spring Festival, China Southern China Branch strives to build "affinity and fine" high-quality service guarantee passengers travel, focus on providing more intimate services to olders who cannot use intelligent technology, launching "Love counter priority, love entrustment to the integrity, The love-free channel is unimpeded, and the Love Commissioner is warm and helped to help the new service, so that the elderly will be more convenient, more comfortable, happier and happier.

The love counter is prioritized in the rule of the Values, and the value of the actors implemented the "first question responsibility system" using the old-age traveler using intelligent technical difficulties. I took the initiative to introduce and provide priority service to the elderly passengers. When the value of the values ??are delivered to board the board, it is important information such as the seat number, boarding port and boarding time, and tips. In China Southern Airlines, ticketing and high-end counter, priority to provide inquiries for the elderly, check-in, checked baggage, sign, and accounting services, miles, mileage exchange free tickets.

The love is entrusted by the conference in the rule of the rule. If you encounter the need to deliver overload bags, elderly passengers can take cash payments to reduce the difficulties of paying them.

In order to make the old man peace of mind, family can rest assured, the value of the company has increased the contact number of the old man in the country to ensure that the information is unblocked.

The love channel is unimpeded to be on boarding, setting up an older passenger priority boarding sign, guiding other travelers to care for the elderly.

For elderly passengers with poor physical conditions, the old-age travelers who have difficult-to-board, arrange special personnel, and provide "one-stop" equipment. During the flight delay, the staff will open a green channel to assist the elderly passengers to give the contact procedures, or provide services such as follow-up to the elderly passengers. The love commissioner will be warm according to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the entrance, export, shunt and queuing area of ??the value machine area will arrange the panel to carry out on-site inspections, and focus on assisting the elderly passengers to prevention and control and health declaration; in the luggage extraction hall Location, set the baggage to check the mobile desk to help the elderly passengers solve the problem that the extraction of the trusted row. (Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).

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Three grass two wood brand innovations, original science skin care formulas committed to peace of mind

Three grass two wood brand innovations, original science skin care formulas committed to peace of mind

Natural Science Drive Brand Reprotice Three Grass Two Woods Since its brand, it has been upholding natural genes and powerful scientific logic, regardless of its brand construction or product system research and development, it is naturally rooted, with science and technology, continuous innovation and upgrading. Three grass two places like the pioneers of the skin industry, from the unstoptable footsteps, for more scientific skin care systems, three grass two woods have always been broke through, and put multi-maintenance is in the first, scientific compatibility multi-anti-Royal system, It is a comprehensive innovation after the brand upgrade. With the three grass two wooden original natural energy + scientific programs + the launch of the beautiful skin of the peace of mind, the strength of the big country brand has increased to the new height. In the domestic beauty industry, three grass two woods take the first to standardize the product system to standardize the product system, and have a texture of the industry to develop the beauty of Oriental women.

Purificive plant system, traceful skin natural gene natural energy inseparable from pure plants, looking for the best variety, the best origin, the best harvest season, the most perfect extraction method, cultivating Skin, it is the three grass two woods consistent. The three grass global net plans is in the form of farm contract, launching local farmers as ecological protector, planting picking from natural collaboration, protecting plant source, ensuring product safety.

The famous red crystal series originated from the global net plan, and the red crystal series is an important component of the red crystal series from the top ten nets in China. Clear DPPH free radicals and resist skin oxidation. Three grass two wood knows that only pure natural is is the foundation of skin. Scientific formula, multi-build skin barrier three grass two wood beautiful skin, more scientific logic, become a product explosive force.

The multi-resistance formula system is three grass two woods have always studied, create a complete and appropriate system.

The scientific program allows the best match to play the best skin care effect. Take the three grass and Japan’s future Central Research Institute. System, such as a Tianluo, the skin, the skin, the skin, the sun, the sun, and the net. Scientific verification natural initial heart, green source promises safety white crystal milk and white crystal cream, as the first innovative huge masterpiece, will pick up the first front flag, product ensures 0 addition, insist on adding any ingredients that are harmful to skin, peace of mind : Honestalline, no alcohol, flavoring, unmassine heavy metal, no antibiotics, no fluorescent, exclusible, free of nitrin-free preservatives.

Baijing series also passed 1033 scientific and empirical, adhered to 33 laboratory subjects +1000 consumers, white crystal milk continuously used for 4 weeks, brightened color +%, water grunge +%, color turbidity – %, Skin toughness +%; white crystal cream for 4 weeks, water moisturizing +%, skin tone is uniform +%, spot printing -%, skin type repair +%. In addition, the three grass two wood sticks to the green sustainable development, advocates green production, and join the environmental concept in the packaging design, and contribute to the natural source.

Three grass two woods found that plant essence from the natural source, to the original scientific program, and then to the peace of mind, and condensed the brand upgrade, and perfectly interpret the natural and scientific craftsmanship. The spirit of the big country brand is unstoppable.

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Stukken van praktische dingen bevinden zich in het SHANXI Provincial Social Security Bureau gelanceerd zeven Risotimic-initiatieven

Stukken van praktische dingen bevinden zich in het SHANXI Provincial Social Security Bureau gelanceerd zeven Risotimic-initiatieven

"Hé, één ding dat vaak in mijn hart is, is eindelijk in staat om neer te zetten, en het pensioen wordt allemaal gespeeld, ik zal weten of het geld speelt. Ik hoef niet naar de bank te gaan. Ik heb het nooit gebruikt Naar de wachtrij. Opent de bank SMS-servicekosten, nu vrijgesteld van de servicekosten, vermindert onze kosten, nu is het beleid goed! "Li Mai, die een pensioen ontving, herinnerde SMS, was blij.

"De service van uw provinciale socialezekerheidsbureau is echt te attent, als de gids voor mij is, ben ik echt blind, ik dank u wel!" Zhang Shifu, die in Xiaofang woont, is dankbaar.

Sinds de ontwikkeling van de partijgeschiedenis, aangezien het SHANXI-provinciale socialezekerheidsbureau zich richt op het "eerste grote evenement" van de mensen die om de massa’s geven, concentreer op de "sleutel kleine dingen" en lanceren zeven gemakken van de mensen. Volledig verdiepen de hervorming van het "ventilatie-kostuum" en blijf het actie "verlies van interesse" uit.

Focus op de "reductie van de tijdslimiet" "Reduction Materials", hervormen het bedrijfsproces, gaf het "Shanxi Provincial Social Insurance Bureau Business Process (Trial)" uit om de zakelijke omgeving te optimaliseren.

Tot nu toe worden 27 bedrijven onmiddellijk ge?mplementeerd en 12 bedrijven worden bereikt en 16 bedrijven worden online bedrijf ge?mplementeerd en de last op de massa-kantoren van het volk heeft gemak gebracht. Sterk bevorderen van gegevensverbinding, Enterprise Pension Insurance Transfer om "One Network, Cross-Provincial Unite" te bereiken.

Na het optimaliseren van de upgrade van Business Systems, nemen ze allemaal deel aan ondernemingen in de provincie Shanxi, in het omgaan met de pensioenverzekering, cross-provisioning, alleen de "Wechat, Alipay, Social Security Public Service Platform" is vereist om de overdrachtsaanvraag over te dragen aan De overdracht. De resterende operaties zullen echter worden ge?mplementeerd door de sociale afdeling van de mensen die het verbindingsplatform overbrengen via de sociale afdeling van het volk, en het "één netwerk wordt toegetreden", en het fenomeen van "multi-way" "vouwen" en andere Phenomena is gebroken. De "laatste kilometer" van de socialezekerheidsdienst voldoet aan de markt en de massa’s van de massa’s. Innovatieve certificeringsdiensten, laat de "minder lopende benen", "maak je geen zorgen".

Laten we volledig spelen bij technische voordelen, zoals kunstmatige intelligentie en een nieuwe manier tot stand brengen om de "handmatige certificering" in aanmerking te komen en te certificeren als een vergelijking en de "handmatige certificering" en de gecertificeerde periodieke "uitgestelde" kwalificatie.

Met behulp van het Ministerie van Menselijke Sociale Ontwikkeling om de trein te nemen, kunnen de reisgegevens van het vliegtuig "vrijwaardigheidscertificering" zijn. Tegelijkertijd wordt de SMS-herinneringsservice geopend en het SMS herinnert eraan gedurende 2 maanden vóór de kwalificatieperiode, de SMS-kennisgeving wordt verzonden naar de SMS-melding als gevolg van overduy gecertificeerde suspensie, en de kwalificatie "precisie" wordt bereikt.

Op dit moment heeft de subsidiabiliteitscertificering de soepele stroom van de provincie, cross-provinciale kantoor, allemaal gevaarlijk, online online bereikt, heeft de socialezekerheidservaring van mensen aanzienlijk verbeterde, Shanxi-kwalificatiecertificering is met succes geaard in het eerste deel van het land. Versnel de bevordering van de bouw van de socialezekerheidsinformatie en de toepassing Business-integratie is volledig bloeiend. Stevig vaststellen van internetdenken, goed aandacht aan de belangrijkste doorbraak van informatie, gebaseerd op de feitelijke, leren van geavanceerde, grijptheden, de socialezekerheidsinformatieconstructie van de provincie in verbetering en versnellingsontwikkeling. Op dit moment heeft het online platform van de sociale zekerheid 131 functies geopend om alle hoogfrequente service-aangelegenheden in de sociale verzekering te dekken. Persoonlijke kwalificatiecertificering, verzekerde betaling, behandelingsuitgifte, persoonlijke rechten Aanvraag, Pensioenverzekering Gepersonaliseerde meting, het verzekerde bewijs kan het downloaden op elk gewenst moment, altijd en overal, op elk gewenst moment, overal, kunt u de registratie-registratie, wanneer u de registratie-registratie kunt opmelden. Wanneer u de registratieregistratie hebt ingevuld. Complete Social Insurance Registration synchroon. "Online" "Pocket" "Self-Service" is de eerste keuze geworden voor de deelnemers en de massa.

Actief als een voormalige service, laat de sociale zekerheid "Kleine kaart" betere service "Big People’s Livelihood". Om de kostenlast van het gebruik van socialezekerheidskaarten te verminderen, verbetert het geluk van de mensen, het SHANXI Provinciaal Social Security Bureau, het SHANXI-provinciaal Social Security Bureau, geco?rdineerd 12, van juni dit jaar, van juni dit jaar, van de korte message-servicekosten van het financi?le rekening van de socialezekerheidskaart. Op dit moment heeft het aantal kaarten in de provincie 36.626 miljoen, en het aantal pensioenen ontvangen door de socialezekerheidskaart is 7 miljoen. Volgens schattingen kan de Social Security Card Financial Account SMS Service Tarief 30 yuan per persoon per jaar besparen, en het kaartpersoneel van de provincie kan de kaartlast van 500 miljoen yuan per jaar verminderen, waarvan de provincie een socialezekerheidskaart gebruikt om te ontvangen Het pensioen kan de kaartenlast verminderen met meer dan 200 miljoen yuan. Houd u aan meerkanaals, harde maatregelen en maak de werkdienst meer temperatuur.

Om het probleem van smarttechnologie-moeilijkheden bij ouderen effectief op te lossen, behoudt het Bureau Shanxi Provinciaal Social Social Social Security de traditionele servicemethode die bekend is voor ouderen, het "Green Channel" van de ouderen, gehandicapte, gepensioneerde soldaten in de Business Hall, geopend, Configureer de oude bloemspiegel, de noodzakelijke medicijnen zoals de noodgeneesmiddelkabinet; stel een full-time richtliner in in het raadplatingsstation, een opstartdiensten voor speciale personen; uitgerust met zelfbedieningsintegratie, waardoor de ouderen een winstgevende dienst bieden socialezekerheidsrechten.

Tegelijkertijd, voor de aangewezen meer dan 2.800 deelnemers aan de provincie, meer dan 2.000 onderzoekers van vier niveaus, als een dockingcontact, en biedt nul-afstand, punt-to-point-service, tijdig beantwoordende vragen, deze serie van warme service Initiatieven, laat de massa warm voelen. Integreer de "one-stop" -service voor de implementatie van de middelen en sociale zekerheid. In reactie op het SHANXI-provinciale Social Insurance Office worden de meeste van hen afzonderlijk opgezet, de dispersie, het kantoor is niet geconcentreerd, de verzekerde eenheid en de massa’s rennen terug en rennen en het provinciale en socialezekerheidsbureau zal actief leiden en het provinciale Partij-comité om te communiceren. Ik heb "kennisgeving over de implementatie van het verenigde beheer van de organisaties van de provincie van de provincie" (Jindian Society [2021] nr. 25) een duidelijke vereiste, niet alleen de "one-clear beheersing maken ", Business" a Chain "en de kwaliteit van de service" een standaard "transformatie, die de transactielast van de verzekerde eenheid en de massa effectief heeft verlaagd. (Guo Yuheng, Yu Tingting, Fu Qiang, Yang Liusui) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

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Use "心 想" to build "World Lithium"

Use "心 想" to build "World Lithium"

Honeycomb energy lithium electrical industry project being building. The People’s Network Liu Hai Tian photo is focused on the construction of lithium-ecopes, and the Suining City Ecological Environment Department adheres to the front list of the EIA to approval, and also has made mechanism innovation, and implemented a batch of exemption management, informing a batch, accelerating a batch "Three batch" management methods, through classification approvals to improve government affairs efficiency. Honeycomb Energy Technology (Suining) Co., Ltd. 20GWH power lithium-ion battery project EIA approval is the direct beneficiary of "three batchs" policies.

The Suining City Ecological Environment Bureau informed the project inform the project, and only used two working days to complete the process that usually need 30 working days.

Enterprises have affirmed such intimate services and sent the "high-efficiency doctors" banner. The honeycomb energy is a subsidiary of the Great Wall Auto, which is the battery pack package product.

At the large-scale construction site in the Economic Development Zone, Suining City, the mechanical and workers are in full swing.

The infrastructure manager Liu Wei patrols in the project site, check the progress. After building here, there will be two production lines specialize in supplying Huawei orders. Liu Wei introduced that the site site is in Suining, which is a location advantage and the level of industrial supporting level. Honeycomb energy is in Suining layout, which can take into account the majority of markets in the southwestern region, and achieve relatively good development conditions.

An employee of honeycomb energy said that the company took 3 billion degrees in Suining’s project, such a large amount of electricity is not all in the product manufacturing link, and a large number of charge and discharge experiments are required in the enterprise laboratory. The lithium battery industry itself requires a lot of electricity, electricity bill is an important cost of the company.

According to the policies of Sichuan Province, the electricity industry has given a substantial offer to promote the progress of energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole society.

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Strive for greater victory in daring struggles (thought horror)

Strive for greater victory in daring struggles (thought horror)

Dare to fight, dare to win, is a powerful spiritual power of the Communist Party of China.

After the birth of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have made a happiness in the Chinese people, and establish a renewal for the Chinese nation to establish an initial mission. In order to practice the initial heart, the mission, the Chinese Communist Party conducted a hard-working great struggle, dared to fight, and the spirit of dare to victory was deeply integrated into the blood of the Communists. Our party relies on the struggle to go today, it will also have to rely on struggles to win the future. The scientific theory guided our party to carry out the right direction of great struggle, giving our party dare to fight confidence and bottom gas.

Mao Zedong led the autumn reception rule to move in Jinggangshan, in response to the question of "how long to play in the end" in the party, he insisted on the Marxist position of the Marxist position, wrote under the oil lamp of the octagon, why can China exist? "The struggle of Jinggangshan" two brilliant works, clarify the correct direction of the development of the Chinese revolution. Only theoretically awake, politically determined to find the right struggle in the direction.

Today, in the face of a great struggle with many new historical features, party members and cadres should learn to learn to learn to learn the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristic socialism in the new era of China, the 21st century Marxism, and profound understanding of the Marxist standpoint I deeply understand the historological achievements of guidelines and national undertakings, and the historological changes in historical changes, with this powerful theoretical weapon firmly dare to fight the belief, clearly conduct the direction of struggle.

The process of fighting will never easily, smooth sailing, and struggle means we have to be involved in the thorns and attack hard. In the war age, facing the cruel enemy, life and death test, countless Communists are not afraid of risk, stand up, the battlefield is "with me" rather than "give me".

In the peaceful age, the life and death test of party members and cadres, but promoted the high-quality development of economic and social, meeting the yearning of people’s good life, the need to face contradictions, risks, problems, and the same need to take out the courage of fighting And courage.

If you dare to fight, you have to take action as an act of doing things. It is also the responsibility of the cadres and the value. The knife was grind on the stone, and people practiced in things.

No matter which position is in, it is necessary to be brave enough to work, attack the hardship, cultivate a stubborn struggle spirit, quench the will of struggle, and exercise the superb struggle. Anything that is conducive to the party and the people must not be refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dry, and firmly dry.

Never touch a certain setback, you can’t get shrink, and you will fight back. It is necessary to experience the wind blowing, more times "Ants on the hot pot", take out the power of the mountain, the power of the water rack bridge, and practice the true part of the struggle. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the Communist Party will talk about party nature, and the principle is to struggle.

"For more than a hundred years, our party has not only promoted the great social revolution, but also promotes the great self-revolution, but also affects the advanced nature of the party, the problem of weakness of the party, becomes a strong struggle, becoming a Marxism that does not fall, and caught up. Political parties. Today, party members and cadres dare to fight, and be brave enough to face their own shortcomings, and fight against the problems and gaps that do not match the party’s quality requirements.

Party members and cadres must have an impartiality, unselfish spirit of iron, not talking about the principle, and talk about the party’s sex. It is necessary to have the courage of the knife, and the courage of the bones, strengthen the party’s cultivation, and use the party’s principles. (Author: Military Sciences).

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The General Office of the State Council issued the "Wait" of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents

The General Office of the State Council issued the "Wait" of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents

  Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Ways of Harbor and Macao Residents’ Residence Permits" and issued a notice to request various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Ministry of State Councils, and all direct institutions conscientiously implement it.

  The full text of "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents Residence Permits" is as follows. Article 1 To facilitate Port, Macao and Taiwan residents in the Mainland (mainland), study, life, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, according to the relevant provisions of the Provisional Regulations on Residence Permits. Second Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents travel to the Mainland (mainland) for more than half a year, in line with one of legally stable employment, legal stable residence, one of the continuous conditions, according to the willingness, according to the provisions of these Measures, apply for a residence certificate.

  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents under the 16-year-old Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, can be applied to the application for a residence permit by the guardian. The contents of the residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents include: name, gender, date of birth, residential area, citizenship number, my photo, fingerprint information, certificate of documents, issuance agency, number of issues, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents Number. The citizen identity number is prepared by the public security organ according to the national standard of citizenship number. Hong Kong resident citizenship number address code uses 810000, Macau resident citizenship number address code uses 820000, Taiwan resident citizenship number address code uses 830000.

  Article 4 Public security organs at all levels shall actively coordinate with Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Taiwan Affairs, Development and Reform, Education, Civil Affairs, Judicial Administration, Human Resources Social Security, Housing Urban and Rural Construction, Transportation, Health and Health, etc. Some people’s equity guarantee, service and management work.

  Article 5 The public security organs at all levels shall establish a performance information system for improving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, and do a good job in the application of residence permit, review and document production, distribution, and management. Article 6 The validity period of the residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents is five years, issued by the county-level people’s government public security organs. Article 7 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident residence permit uses a technical standard of resident ID card, with two functions of reading and machine reading, reading, and the contents of the project are limited to the provisions of Article 3 of these Measures. The model of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents is developed by the Minamust Office of the Public Security Department, the Office of the State Council, Taiwan Affairs Office. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident residence permits are unified by the provincial people’s government public security organs. Article 8 The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents apply to receive a residence certificate, and shall fill in the "National Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Resident Residence Permit Approach", and pay the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, the public security police station or household designated to the public security organ of the people’s government of the living area The government office hall submits the residential residential address, employment, and study.

  Residential address, including house rental contracts, house property rights certification documents, purchase contracts or housing tenors, employers, accommodation certificates issued by schools, etc. Others can prove that materials such as legal stability, etc .; attending proves include student ID, other materials issued by schools can prove continuously.

  Article 9 If the residence permit is full, the certificate is difficult to identify or reshape it, and the licensee can change the new certificate; if the residence is lost, you can apply for a replenishment.

When redevelopment of the new certificate, you should pay the entry ID of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents.

  When the new certificate is changed, the original certificate should be returned. Article 10 If the residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have applied, redeemed, replenished residence permit, and the public security organs that accept the application shall issue a residence per day within 20 working days from the date of acceptance; the traffic inconvenience, the time can be Appropriate extension, but extended time must not exceed 10 working days. Article 11 The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents are engaged in relevant activities in the Mainland (mainland). If you need to prove the identity, you have the right to use the residence permit certificate, the relevant units and their staff must not refuse. Article 12 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident residence permanent holders enjoy labor employment according to law, participate in social insurance, deposit, extracting and use housing provident fund.

The people’s governments and their relevant departments at all county levels shall provide the following basic public services for the HKAC’s residents: (1) Compulsory education; (2) basic public employment services; (3) Basic public health services; (4) Public cultural sports services; (5) Legal aid and other legal services; (6) Other basic public services stipulated in the state and residence. Article 13 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, the holders of the House of Residences enjoy the following conveniences in the Mainland (mainland): (1) Take domestic flights, trains and other transportation tools; (2) Accommodation hotels; (3) Bank, insurance, securities and Financial business and other financial services; (4) Tickets for shopping, buying parks and various types of cultural venues, etc. Residential application of motor vehicle driver’s license; (7) Applying for vocational qualification exam in place of residence, apply for awarded professional qualification; (8) Registration of fertility service in place of residence; (9) Other conveniences stipulated in the country and residence. Article 14 State organs and their staff members should be confidential for the personal information of the living license in the work process.

  Article 15 If a residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan’s residents have one of the following circumstances, the residence permit shall be announced by the issuing agency: (1) Loss the identity of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; (2) Use false proof materials to defraud Hong Kong and Macao Residents living in residents; (3) It may be harmful to national sovereignty, security, honor and interest; (4) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents are canceled, except for regaining or announcement of registered (except for normal transfer].

  Article 16 Violation of the provisions, use the residence permit, punishment according to the relevant provisions of the Interracial Regulations of the Residence Permit. If the state organs and their staff violate the regulations of the residence permit management, they shall be given a punishment according to law; and constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 17 Application for the first time I receive a living certificate, exempt from the cost of the certificate. Change, replenish residence permit, should pay the cost of the certificate. The specific charge measures shall be implemented with reference to the relevant provisions of the Interim Regulations of Residence Permit. Article 18 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents move into the Mainland (mainland) settlement, and in accordance with relevant regulations, these Measures are not applicable. Article 19 The "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents" is called "Hong Kong and Macao Residents" and "Taiwan Residents".

Among them, "Hong Kong and Macao residents" refers to Chinese citizens who settle in Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and do not have mainland households; "Taiwan residents" refers to Chinese citizens who settle in Taiwan and does not have mainland households. The "Hong Kong, Macao Resident Residence Permit", including Hong Kong and Macao residents of the People’s Republic of China, the residents of the People’s Republic of China. The "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents Entry Documents", including Hong Kong and Macao residents have passed the Mainland pass, and the five-year Taiwan residents have passed the mainland. Article 20 Provincial, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, can formulate implementation rules in accordance with these Measures for the comprehensive bearing capacity and economic and social development needs of the administrative region. Article 21 These Measures shall be implemented from September 1, 2018. Editor: Puyan].

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The State Council issued a national fitness program (2021-2025)

The State Council issued a national fitness program (2021-2025)

Original title: National Fitness Program (2021-2025) Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 3, the State Council, the "National Fitness Program (2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"), promoting national fitness during the next time High levels of development, better meet the fitness and health needs of the people.

  According to the "plan" The construction of sports strong country is a new pace. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must implement the socialist thinking in Xi Jinping’s new era, implement the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Middle, Three Middle School, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, and adhere to the people’s center. Adhere to the concept of new development, in-depth implementation of health and Chinese strategy and national fitness national strategy, accelerate the construction of sports strong country, build a higher level of national fitness public service system, and give full play to the national fitness in improving the health and level of people’s health, promoting people’s comprehensive development, and promoting the economy Social development, showing comprehensive value and multivation of national cultural soft strength.

  "Plan" is clear, by 2025, the national fitness public service system is more complete, the people’s sports fitness is more convenient, the fitness enthusiasm is further improved, and the number of participants in the sports projects continues to improve, and the ratio of the number of sports exercise has reached%, county (city, District), township (street), administrative village (community) three-level public fitness facilities and community 15 minutes fitness circle to achieve full coverage, with a social sports instructive name, driving a total of 5 trillion yuan of national sports industry.

  "Plan" proposes eight main tasks, including increasing national fitness venue facilities, extensively carry out national fitness event activities, enhancing scientific fitness guidance service level, stimulating sports social organization vitality, promoting key population fitness activities, promoting sports The high-quality development of the industry, promoting national fitness integration development, and creates national fitness social atmosphere.

"Program" also puts forward safeguards from the completion of the target task, from strengthening organization leadership, strengthening the national fitness talents, strengthening national fitness security, providing national fitness intelligence services, etc.. The "plan" requires the "Strengthening the party’s comprehensive leadership of the national fitness work, play the role of joint conference of the people’s government’s national fitness work, promoting the national fitness work mechanism of the government leading, social collaboration, public participation, and rule of law. Local people’s governments at all county levels should include the national fitness industry into the economic and social development plan of this level, and formulate the issuance of the national fitness implementation plan.

(Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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Shanxi Province State-owned Enterprise Leading Cadres Warning Education Conference Held

Shanxi Province State-owned Enterprise Leading Cadres Warning Education Conference Held

  Original title: The province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warning education conference held Lin Wu to attend and speaking, Blue Fandan Hosting, Sanfo, hosted on November 16, and the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned the summary of the Education Conference.

(Reporter Shi Xiaobo) November 16, the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned education conference held in Taiyuan. Lin Wu attended and speaking, he stressed that he emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary General’s Important Discussion on Temporary Party and National Enterprise Party. At the spirit of the important speech, profoundly learn lessons such as a series of corruption cases, and do not provide important support from stronger party governance political responsibilities, leading to protecting state-owned enterprises to do strong, providing important support for all-round promotion high quality development. Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor, Blue Fanda, presided over the meeting.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attended the meeting. Wang Yuchang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the director of the Provincial Supervision Committee notified the typical case. Lin Wu pointed out in his speech that the province’s state-owned enterprises are the medium-sized column of Shanxi’s high-quality development. In recent years, the provincial party committee has always adhered to the comprehensive leadership of state-owned enterprises in recent years, and continuously promoting the comprehensive development of state-owned enterprises. It has created a new situation in the province’s state-owned state-owned enterprise reform and development. He emphasized that it is necessary to keep a clear and firm, profoundly understanding of national enterprises, corruption is the inevitable requirements of consolidating party ruling, building a financial foundation, optimizing business environment, purifying political ecology, is to prevent management of business management risks The premise and foundation, more consciously enhanced comprehensive from stricting the party to the support of the party, in-depth development of the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle in the field of state-owned enterprises, and building a clean corporate, clean and honest.

In his speech, he said to the case, in case the case, it is pointed out that state-owned assets belong to the national and people, the benefits and value of state-owned assets are also in the country and people. The leading cadres of state-owned enterprises, representatives, managers, and caregivers, must strictly abide by the laws and regulations, to ensure the value added value added in state-owned assets. Leading cadres at all levels, especially state-owned enterprises, should profoundly learn lessons such as corruption cases, especially those in the field of state-owned enterprises, especially those who have corrupted cases, in view of the search, self-analysis, and other contractions, know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, always keep refused The politics that corrodes will never face, constantly tempering the political quality of loyal and clean.

  Lin Wu emphasized that the spirit of Important Speech at Xi Jinping at general Secretary of Xi Jinping at the national state-owned enterprise party’s construction work conference, one to adhere to the party’s major political principles to state-owned enterprises, one to strengthen the national enterprise system of the country-owned enterprise reform, Effectively integrate comprehensive and enterprise development, corporate governance organically integrated, and continuously improve national corporate governance capabilities and governance levels.

  First, we must adhere to the "two maintenance" as the highest political principles, and resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee on the development of state-owned enterprises, improve the implementation of major work leadership mechanisms, major decision-making and deployment mechanisms, important matters to supervise accountability mechanisms, Implementing the three-year action plan of national enterprise reform, and promoting the major reform measures of state-owned state-owned enterprises landed.

  Second, we must adhere to the party’s leadership as an fundamental guarantee. Effectively integrate the party’s leaders into the company to govern each, embedding enterprise party organizations into the corporate governance structure, continuously improve the corporate governance system, so that the party organization works role to institutionalize Satisfactively. Third, we must insist on strengthening the supervision of "one hand" and leadership as the top priority, highlight political supervision, strengthen the organism supervision of the top, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprise supervision mechanism, and through discipline inspection, audit, national-funded supervision and other supervision power. We will improve the "three major" matters decision-making mechanisms, strengthen state-owned capital penetrant supervision, and effectively transform the supervision efficiency into governance performance.

For the provincial state-owned enterprises, it is necessary to achieve a five-year political inspection, three-year comprehensive audit full coverage, the annual financial audit is fully covered, ensuring that power is subject to supervision, and the standard is run. Fourth, we must adhere to the "three do not" integration as a strategic goal. Seriously investigate and deal with the problem of malfane duty, serious investigation and deal with corrupt problems such as enterprises, related to transactions, insider trading, interest delivery, and strict investigation and punishment of central eight The item stipulates the spiritual and harming the interests of employees, strengthens the restrictions and supervision of the power of state-owned enterprises, and effectively enhance the resistance immunity against corruption.

  The five must insist on creating a clean company as an important starting point, carrying out the effectiveness of major event internal control mechanisms, strengthen market supervision, and urge industry self-discipline, and cultivate outstanding corporate culture.

It is necessary to strengthen the non-public party construction work, promote private enterprises to promote the spirit of Jindi, integrity and legal operation, and focus on building pro-cleaning independence relationships, and promote honesty to become the core competitiveness and persistent development of private enterprises.

  Lin Wu emphasized that the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres must remember the admission of General Secretary, General Secretary, always not to practice the party’s initial mission, consciously be a leader of strong enterprises, with high-spirited posture and excessive hard quality Renovation in the era.

We must firmly believe, loyalty to the party, "two big in the mind", "the big people", and practice "two maintenance" in practical actions.

To serve as, establish a job, deeply grasp the two aspects of our province’s industrial transformation, strengthen the crisis awareness, play a unique advantage, and actively participate in all-round promotion of high quality development.

It is necessary to pursue enterprises to have a party, and we have to continue to deepen the reform and innovation, and continue to improve the management level, promote the comprehensive "survival line" in an all-round way, and strive to achieve the "development line". It is necessary to pay sincerely, clean and honest, honest, self-respect, self-discipline, and build a protective net to prevent and resist privileges, use clean officers, diligent and clean government actual actions, truly guarding the loyal guards of state-owned assets.

At the meeting, Lin Wu specialized in regulating specific requirements for the management of leaders of provincial management enterprises, emphasizing the research and formulating constraint regulations on integrity and enterprises, and practically strictly set up discipline and rules.

  In the host meeting, Blue Fanda pointed out that leading cadres at all levels of the province, particularly state-owned enterprises, should comprehensively implement the general discussion of General Secretary of Popping on the comprehensive discussion of strict congregation of the party and in the national state-owned enterprise party building. Consciously put the ideological and action to the spirit of the conference, especially Lin Wu secretary. The speech is, with a high-grade group series of corruption cases as a mirror, earnestly reflect on the problem, deeply reflect on, deeply analyzed, and the three, rectified to the position. It is necessary to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership of state-owned state-owned enterprises, and promote the development of the state-owned enterprise party building to the grassroots, expand the departure, deepen the use of "three do not" integration, and accelerate the construction of clean enterprises. We must be brave as a government and enterprises to enter the company leaders, always maintain loyal and clean political nature, firmly reform the modern enterprise system reform, enhance the level of governance and governance, and firmly move the state-owned enterprises to do strong, The position promotes the new and greater contributions to high quality development. Before, the collective watched warning educational film.

The meeting was held in the form of a television phone. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial government and cooperation, the relevant responsible comrades, and the provincial law inspection two long attend meetings.

The relevant departments of the province are mainly responsible for comrades, members of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Secretary of the Provincial Management Enterprise Party Committee, Chairman, General Manager, Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Provincial Discipline Commission, the main responsible comrades, relevant central government Responsible Comrade attending the meeting in the Provincial Landscape.

Provincial management companies, members of other leadership teams of the central government in Jinjin participate in the meeting.

Municipal, counties (cities, districts) set the venue. (Reporter Yang Wen).

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