Multiple measures to stabilize the industrial economy (new economic position)

Multiple measures to stabilize the industrial economy (new economic position)

  Since late March, an excellent factors such as the new round of epidemic have brought about a great impact on the operation of the industrial economy.

From January to April, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 4%year -on -year, and fell from the first quarter. Ensure that the supply chain of the industrial chain is stable and smooth, effectively helps enterprises to open up the cards and make every effort to do a good job in the protection of people’s biological materials … For a period of time, all regions and departments have faced difficulties and actively actively. Stable recovery.

  What is the operation of the car industry for a brief "cold"? What is the progress of small and medium -sized enterprises? Is the production and supply of key consumer goods industries stable? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed relevant departments and enterprises.

  In the same way, the automotive industry chain has gradually resumed to Haoqing Liangjiang New District, Xiaokang Selis Smart Factory, the robotic arm is running in an orderly manner, the equipment is full of horsepower, and a new energy vehicle has been offline.

"Enterprises have reserved key components, and they have adjusted their production plans in real time to ensure product delivery." Said He Mingbo, deputy general manager of the factory.

  The automotive industry is an important pillar industry in the national economy. The industrial chain is long, involved in a wide range, and strong driving.

Since late March, the domestic epidemic has been distributed with multiple points, the supply chain of the automotive industry chain is under pressure, and some companies have stopped production and work.

The key to reversing the decline and stabilizing the automotive industry is to protect the stability chain.

  Take the "leader" and "chain owner" as the starting point, and use the chain to promote the resumption of work.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology quickly organized the establishment of the "Automotive Industry Chain Supply Chain Unblocked Coordination Platform", established a coordinated linkage mechanism for provincial (cities), and accumulated more than 4,000 batches of logistics transportation and resumption of labor and re -production.

In particular, "Automobile Town" Shanghai, focusing on promoting SAIC and Tesla to achieve continuous production, driving more than 1,200 component supporting enterprises upstream and downstream to restore logistics transportation and production.

  Not long ago, Hubei Province’s automotive regulations -level chip industry technology innovation consortium launched operation in Wuhan. It will drive through the demand for the application of millions of large -scale automotive chips through Dongfeng Company to form the leading domestic automotive chip industry chain to accelerate technological research and development.

In Zhejiang, according to the production needs of Hezhong New Energy Vehicles, the Power Supply Company of Tongxiang Township Power Supply Corporation of State Grid has an emergency on -site service to complete the power supply and power supply to ensure the smooth and rapid increase in production capacity. "With the joint efforts of all parties, the re -production of the automotive industry has achieved staged results, the production and sales of automobiles are gradually recovering, and the momentum of the bottom of the rebound is gathered." According to statistics, according to statistics, from May 1st to 17th, my country’s automobiles The production of 10%year -on -year, a decrease of 21 percentage points from the same period last month. The national automotive industry chain is gradually recovering. Help the company’s rescue, the signal of speeding up and re -production of small and medium -sized enterprises in the "Specialty New" SMEs flickered and the sound of the machine is rumbling. In Pudong New District, Shanghai, the specialty new "Little Giant" enterprise China Science and Technology Xin Songlin Harbor Industrial Base, the staff Calcked production in an orderly manner. "Including collaborative robot products and smart production lines, dozens of orders are currently waiting for delivery.

"Lu Shangwu, vice president of the company, said that the company’s Jinqiao Park is also actively preparing to resume work. In addition to 30 kilometers, Sodilong Automation, which is engaged in sensor research and development and manufacturing, has also returned to normal production.

"As of now, more than 100 employees have returned to the factory for closed production, and the production capacity is gradually rising." Chen Kunlai, chairman of the company, said that the company will continue to close the loop operation to ensure the sustainable production of epidemic prevention materials.

  As a "supporting expert" of the key industrial chain, the "specialized new" SME re -production and re -production will help improve the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain supply chain of the industrial chain. It is understood that among Shanghai’s first and second batch of more than 1,800 re -production and re -production enterprises, there are more than 260 SMEs of "specialized new", accounting for 14%. In order to ensure the security and stability of the industrial chain supply chain. Not just Shanghai, the long -term triangle industry chain key nodes of small and medium -sized enterprises are pressing the "acceleration key".

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology established the "whitelist" of the "white list" of key industrial chain supply chains around the field of equipment industry, electronic information, consumer goods industry, and raw material industry in the Yangtze River Delta region, and monitoring and scheduling 198 "specialized new" small and medium -sized enterprises. Data show that as of May 24, 197 re -construction enterprises were opened, with a re -work rate of 99%, a personnel return rate of 74%, and a capacity utilization rate of 76%. Focusing on the difficulties and needs of small and medium -sized enterprises, the next step of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the horizontal collaboration of the department and the vertical linkage of the province, and increase assistance in terms of funding support, financing support, cost reduction and expansion, service guarantee, etc. Difficulty.

  Supply and demand effort, the consumer goods industry grows steadily, ensuring 85%of employees from the supply of people’s biological supplies, more than 1,200 employees enter closed production, and the production capacity has quickly recovered to more than 90%… While prioritizing the production of protective clothing, normal order production has gradually recovered.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the company, since the "whitelist" of the first batch of re -production and re -production enterprises, the company has been strongly supported by personnel deployment and raw material transportation. Foreign trade orders are shipped in an orderly manner, giving customers a lot of confidence.

"As of now, not only did the clients not ‘lost’, they also increased the order volume. We will do a good job of re -production and re -production under the premise of doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic.

"The consumer goods industry has resumed work and re -production, involving the supply of people’s vibrant capital to ensure the supply.

In response to the real difficulties faced by the enterprise, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the relevant local and departments, quickly took action to incorporate the supply chain supply chain of the consumer goods industry into the "white list", grasp the service guarantee, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the normal production and operation of the enterprise. Essence It is necessary to grasp the key links and the number of means. In Suzhou, Jiangsu, through its own "Hongyun" industrial Internet platform, it connects suppliers, producers, distributors, and customers. As an important raw material supplier of epidemic prevention supplies, Shenghong Group realizes online production supply and marketing and guarantees it with information technology. The production and operation of upstream and downstream enterprises is stable.

  Stabilizing production in one hand and promoting consumption in one hand.

In order to alleviate the pressure of weakening consumer goods, relevant departments actively organize activities to promote consumption, carry out online promotion, offline exhibitions, new product promotion and procurement docking, series product manufacturing, business circulation, brand communication and other industrial chains to allow benefits to discount Release consumption potential to drive supply with demand. "Although it is affected by factors such as decreased orders, low consumer demand, and rising production costs, the value -added of the consumer goods industry from January to April still increases by%year -on -year." The relevant person in charge of the Consumer Products Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that in general, the epidemic in the consumer goods industry has shocked the impact of the epidemic in the short term. Pressure, but the consumption popularity and consumer demand supported by the large -scale market support in my country will still be stable for a long time. At the same time, as the policies of enterprises assisting enterprises will be implemented one by one, the market expects to continue to improve. Vigorously promote the special operation of the consumer goods industry’s "three products" to ensure the steady growth of the consumer goods industry.

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