"Leading Treasure" of the revolutionary spirit (on-site comment · Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey (14))

"Leading Treasure" of the revolutionary spirit (on-site comment · Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey (14))

  One piece of red artifacts, with the most quiet gestures, tells the most moving stories, they are the "passeribrey treasure" of the revolutionary spirit, and it is also a vivid textbook for the educational people to enter Guizhou Zunyi Siuru Chinenshi Memorial Memorial Hall, one piece showing Red cultural relics, reproduce the years of bonfire burning, so that visitors are shocked.

A pottery and two copper coins tieted with a stalk, as a combination of cultural relics, attracting many people to stand up.

  In 1935, the Red Army passed the Erlangba, and the villager Zhao Laohan took the pot to the Red Army warrior. The next day, the soldiers returned to the pot, for gratitude, took the initiative to take the water for Zhao Laohan’s house, and accidentally broke the top of the door when the water was returned. Zhao Laohan said that there is nothing, the Red Army warrior can pay attention to it, give him only two copper plates, and promise is not enough, will make it up in the future. A lot of Zhao Laohan is very touched, and this pottery and copper money have been stored so far. "Don’t take the masses and a needle", damage the things must be compensated, the two copper money is not much, but in the details, the discipline of the Red Army team is strict, and there is a simple and excellent style.

Looking forward to our party’s 100-year journey, the reason why it can be safe when you meet the difficulties, and you will be able to stand in the world.

On the Jinggangshan, Zhang Hao, who was responsible for salt, led the family to keep the salt pile to eat mussels. "We must not use the right to privateivate, use the public!" Liaoshen Battle, Jinzhou, the battle, the eve, Luo Rongzhen told the soldier, guarantee Don’t eat the people an apple, whether it is hanging on the tree, harvesting at home, falling on the ground, don’t eat, this is a discipline, to be resolute. Generation of China’s Communists interpret strict discipline with practical actions, excellent style, and won the people’s trust, holding red rivers. There are more emotions, there are more intense, and the party is very close.

Jike Yulu took the country to study, local comrades want to give him a meal, Jiao Yulu said: "Rainya, the masses are deficient, don’t eat!" Kong Fansen works in Tibet, life is extremely simple, and uses his own money to help the people, and even 3 Tibetan orphans for blood donation for money.

The party’s career is booming, and it is inseparable from a heart that is not retained for the people.

Always think about the people, selfless dedication people, is the spiritual color of the Chinese Communists to the present, and the party "from the people, living for the people, because of the people."

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Strengthening the protection of revolutionary cultural relics, promoting revolutionary culture, inheriting red genes, is the common responsibility of the whole party’s society.

"Let the red cultural relics" speak ", revolutionary history has become more fresh, and the adequacy is more sensible.

Zhang Ziqing’s martyrs left the lack of small suitcases, the old damaged appearance of the revolutionary cultural relics, the small-skin box has become the "witnesses" of Zhang Ziqing revolutionary road, and it is also the best to inherit the revolutionary home. The contract of "big brace" in Xiaogang Village, Anhui Province, 18 bright red handprints make people unforgettable, the dare, dare to try, dare to be the will of the world, deeply in people’s hearts. A piece of red artifact, tells the most calm posture, which is the most moving story, and the "passeribrey" of the revolutionary spirit is also a vivid textbook for education.

  For people constitutive, the operators are often arrived. A hundred years of journey, the revolutionary instant of the throwing head, sprinkling blood, also showing the revolutionary cultural relics inheriting the red gene. Continue to study the discovery, explore innovation and utilization, let the revolutionary cultural relics continue to glow, in order to let people feel the thriving machine of the years, the thriving, condense, the encouragement, the encouragement Power.

  (The author is a reporter of this newspaper.).