"East and Western Help" helps this Tutan access to the national power grid

"East and Western Help" helps this Tutan access to the national power grid

  Recently, good news came from the Tibet Naqua far from 4,000 kilometers: With the success of 35 kV, the Qinghai-Tibet Road 109 maintenance point is officially connected to the large network. This is the first project for the participation of the "East and Western Help" Power Supply Company of the National Network.

  The Qinghai-Tibet Highway 109 maintenance point is located at the Tang Gu Lushankou at an altitude of 5231 meters, which is stationed in "The First Class of the World". As the highest point of the Tiandi Road, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the Tibet Road 109 maintenance point has continued to relax in 67 years, so that the Qinghai-Tibet Highway can maintain safe and smooth in a harsh environment.

  Due to the remote, natural conditions, 109 maintenance points have been relying on generators, photovoltaic power generation, high operation and maintenance cost, difficult to use electricity in the work area, and living area, it is difficult to effectively guarantee, and use a stable national network electricity in the morning. Become the biggest expectation in the heart of "Duo". In order to solve the problem of electricity, more than 300 million yuan in the local area, set up a 10 kV power supply line, and connect the national network electricity to ensure the daily power of "Tangshow people". In October this year, he stepped on the National Network Taizhou Power Supply Company of the Tibetan Power Supply Company, "East and West Support" team member Lin Jun and Lin Jian, the first project, which is to send light and pass the big power grid for the 109 maintenance point. If you leave the country, they are home for their home, let their bodies adapted to soil, overcome the highlands of hypoxia, and actively put into the work of Tibet, China.

  In the process of helping 109 maintenance points, Lin Jun, who is busy in the project line, and the "Shuanglin", "Shuanglin", and the advanced management concept of the Eastern coast and the work style of the Eastern Coast. Engineering construction.

They collaborate, the Ministry of Net Tibet Electric Power Co., The internal coordination and customer communication work during construction, actively plan multi-party power, strive to overcome the construction difficulties such as frozen soil, extremely cold and low temperature, and above eight-level wind, crack the construction personnel, the material is shortage , Inconvenient transportation and other problems.

On the basis of only half of the original transport period, after more than 20 day and night, the construction team has won precious construction with the actual actions as the command of the command assistance of Lin Jun and other aid cadres. Time, and in mid-November, it has achieved phased victory in mid-November, enabling the project to have acceptance and transportation conditions, and 109 maintenance points work and life power is finally connected to National Net. According to reports, the National Network Taizhou Power Supply Company resolutely implements the national power grid company on the spirit of east and west talents, adheres to the high standard selection of excellent young technical cadres to support Tibet construction, and do a good job in the logistics guarantee work of Comrades of the Tibet, The worries of the comrades of the aid, and the aid work and cadres have been organically combined with the human resources development methods such as employee career design, and the growth of talents will be promoted through the aid work. Comrade the Tibetan to overcome difficulties, bravely picked up, showing high political responsibility, strong career and excellent professional quality, contributing to the aid unit with the spirit of the aid unit, successfully completed the tasks of various aid, Established a good image of Taizhou Company and got the height of all walks of life.

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