Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: Strong rainfall relay online open "wheel war"

Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: Strong rainfall relay online open "wheel war"

  Continuous rainfall results in various warnings.

It is reported that because of the rainfall, Zhejiang Lishui G25 Lilong Expressway Longquan Direction K2602 + 200 is due to the continuous rise in the water level of the lake, and the highway safety has begun to adopt traffic control measures. This scorpion lake is located in Zhuyuan Township, Lishui, Zhejiang, which has formed a buffer lake because of the recent collapse. On May 21, the water level in the lake has reached 5 meters. This is just a miniature of Zhejiang’s abnormal heavy rain disasters, and there are many provinces in the south to be particularly vigilant to continue heavy rain.

  Previously, the Zhejiang Provincial Water Resources Department was published, according to the medium and long-term meteorological prediction, this year, the extreme weather event of Zhejiang was more frequent, and the hydrological bias was deviated.

The province’s flood season precipitation is slightly more slightly more, among them, Meiyu in Zhejiang may have more, and there will be more pronounced precipitation concentration, and there is a large variety of heavy rain floods or internal floods.

  In this regard, many netizens expressed surprising "How can I have flood news in May." Soon in the summer, this year’s floods have come earlier than ever.

Some netizens feel that there is less rain last year, drought, now in rainy, I feel like the rain last year.

But there is still more people hope safety first, I hope everyone will safely have the season of rainy water. Under such abundant rainfall, the water level of Jiangnan’s rivers and landslides has increased frequently in geological disasters such as river lakes in Jiangnan. Some netizens put forward, today’s rain is a bit like a disadvantage, this is the "Mei Yuzhen" in Zhejiang? However, the current rainfall does not meet the definition of meteorological sectors, and temporarily can’t announce into Mei.

  In mid-May, Zhejiang Province has become one of the centralized rainfall concentration regions in the southern part of the Southern Rainfall. It is understood that from May 24th to 25th, the rainfall range and strength in the south have been reduced. South China continues to maintain "steamed boiling", and the temperature in Jiangnan will continue to rise. Subsequently, a new round of heavy rain will once again "debut". Experts reminded that the southern strong rainfall region is highly compiled with the early rainy area, so it still needs to prevent the adverse effects of strong rain, and the weather risk of geological disasters in Zhejiang is still higher. .

May all be able to spend safely. Everyone must be away from mountains, riverside and other regions, prevent landslides, mountain floods, mudslides and other secondary disasters.