Taiyuan Municipal Government News Office issued 60 million yuan consumer tickets

Taiyuan Municipal Government News Office issued 60 million yuan consumer tickets

On November 9, Taiyuan Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference, "Jinxian Consumption · 购 龙城" – 2021 Taiyuan City Shopping Festival will open in "Double 11". The shopping festival will be distributed to 60 million yuan coupon, of which 40 million yuan is special coupons for shopping festival, 20 million yuan to Qingxu County disaster relief coupon. The 20-day shopping festival is expected to directly pull the consumption of 400 million yuan, indirectly and consume 1.2 billion yuan.

The event lasts until November 30.

  The whole city links to benefit from the People’s Shopping Festival, hosted by the Taiyuan Municipal People’s Government, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, will set up the main venue and divisions in the focus of our city. The main venue is located in the National Grant Shopping Center, and the division field is located in Zhongtai Square "尧 global purchase", Taiyuan Longhu Wanda Plaza, Suning Tesco Liu North Store, Huayu Baihua Valley, Li Shu North Central Board, actually House Hexi Store, etc.

All major business districts, merchants together, the whole city linkage, on the basis of the shopping festival coupon, superimposed merchants promotion, bank activities, to the home, etc., maximize the benefit of consumers. During the period, five topics will be held: First, the six-city area is focusing, with large commercial complex, business super, special neighborhood, etc., etc., launching the most year-round discount promotion activities, superimposing government coupons, Decreas the most consumer concessions.

The second is to organize global frogs, beauty, and Lun Village and other e-commerce trading platform launched a supporting preferential promotion.

The third is the city bonded import commodity display experience center, cross-border e-commerce demonstration park import and export product sales center concentrated exhibition global import commodity. The fourth is to launch various forms of night cultural performances, tourism sights, shopping, leisure and entertainment, exhibition trade, and other activities to meet the needs of consumers.

The fifth is to host Taiyuan City Catering Famous Brand Series Selection Campaign, which guides a comprehensive hotel in which food and stays, and the "Catering Accommodation, One Station and Sharing" activities.

  The average daily discount of 3 million yuan this shopping festival has to issue 60 million yuan coupons within 20 days, with a daily day.

The coupon will be issued through cloud flashing daily, and the ticket has been valid until 12 when it is. The consumer vouchers are divided into two types of 5 files, two types of universal coupons and online general coupons, each category set 30 yuan, 150 yuan, 300 yuan, 600 yuan, and 900 yuan 5, after receipt The cloud flash payment consumption is over 100 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, 3,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan automatic verification. Among them, the larger amount of larger nuclear sales of 900 yuan is reduced by 900 yuan, the first time in the country. The large-scale ticket voucher is over 1000 yuan minus 300 yuan, minus 600 yuan over 3,000 yuan, 900 yuan for 5,000 yuan minus 900 yuan, only on online channels. Offline general coupons in online channels, every 100 yuan minus 30 yuan tickets each round can be limited to 2, full 500 yuan minus 150 yuan tickets for every one can receive 1, and the big ticket voucher during the event. Total can also be 5 sheets, and the larger billiaries 3 choose 1 and can receive 1. Online common coupons are only issued online channels, and every 100 yuan minus 30 tickets can be 2 tickets for each round; full 500 yuan minus 150 yuan tickets per round can be taken 1; The total number of more than 5 can be taken during the event, and the larger ticket voucher is 3 selected 1 and can receive up to 1. In order to promote the Qing Xu disaster relief work, the shopping festival set up a division in Yucheng Airport in Qingxu County.

Qingxu County will organize the city’s incomparable enterprises in the branch field in the branch field within the city.

This event, 200 million yuan Qing Xu County disaster relief coupse, the city’s finance directly inputs 10 million yuan, the county finance is supported by 10 million yuan, gives subsidies, through Shanxi UnionPay clouds, to the focus of affected people can be issued The consumption coupon for the deduction is used to exchange the agricultural materials and daily necessities required for post-disaster reconstruction.

Reporter Liang Dan.