The first view | restore the lawful seat of China through the United Nations 50 years

The first view | restore the lawful seat of China through the United Nations 50 years

  October 25, Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to attend the People’s Republic of China to restore the lawful seat of the United Nations 50th anniversary of the meeting and delivered an important speech. October 25 morning, Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing’s Great Hall to meet with UN Secretary-General Guterres video mode. 50 years ago today, the twenty-sixth United Nations General Assembly by an overwhelming majority Resolution 2758, decided to restore all rights of the United Nations in the People’s Republic of China, recognizing the People’s Republic of China on behalf of the government is the sole legitimate representative of China at the United Nations.

This is the victory of the Chinese people, but also the victory of peoples of the world! The delegation of the People’s Republic of China after ↑ 1971 Nian 11 15, to restore the lawful seat of the United Nations for the first time to attend the United Nations General Assembly, by the national correspondent of the "siege." New China’s lawful seat in the United Nations since the recovery in the 50 years of China’s peaceful development for the benefit of mankind 50 years – 50 years Chinese people always carry forward the spirit of self-improvement to grasp the way forward in the changing Chinese writing in China and the magnificent epic of human development ↑ this is the 2020 September 12 shooting of Shenzhen Nanshan District Houhai area. The smiling faces of the villagers out of poverty after ↑ Jiangxi Jinggangshan City of God village.

  ↑ Hebei Planted Forest reforestation through three generations of people continue to struggle, it becomes barren sand lies to get world recognition.

– 50 years Chinese people have always unity and cooperation with the peoples of the world to maintain international fairness and justice ↑ made a significant contribution to world peace and development in 1976, Zambia Luxi Vasily Lake Children welcome TAZARA train to pass their hometown.

  ↑ Greek port of Piraeus is Greece and China to build "along the way" an important project.

  ↑ 2019 Nian 3 15, Cambodia’s Kampong Cham province in the hospital, to accept Chinese medical clinic cataract surgery patients get Sun Melody daughter kissing blessing.

  ↑ 2020 Nian 4 6, 18 African countries support China’s fight against SARS supplies arrived in Accra, Ghana.

– 50 years Chinese people have always safeguard its authority and standing practice of multilateralism China deepening cooperation with the United Nations ↑ 2003 at 18:40 on October 15, Chinese culture first astronaut Yang Liwei into space, people from all over the world say hello, and the cabin juxtaposed show the flag and the UN flag (taken at the Beijing aerospace command and control Center screen).

  ↑ 2010 Nian 2 on 2, in the Haitian capital Port au Prince, Haiti Chinese peacekeeping police riot squad members went to help the earthquake affected residents receive relief food.

  ↑ 2019 Nian 4 7, Wanbao in Mozambique Mozambique Agricultural Park, the farmers in the rice harvest scene singing and dancing to celebrate the harvest.

"The green one with the clouds and rain, the moon ever was two townships." Let us join hands to stand right side of history stand on the side of human progress in the world to achieve sustainable peace and development to promote the construction of the fate of the human community and make unremitting efforts! Producer: NI Four Meanings plan: Liu Jie Zhengwei Lan red light Lai Xiangdong Wang Jianhua Coordinator: fish Lan Wu Wei production: Zhang Gayan Pan Sitong risk Photography: Lee Hak-jen Li Xiang Zhai Jianlan Maosi Qian Peng Zhao of Mu Yu Wu Lu Zhu Wei, XU Zheng Wu Xiaoling Zhang Yu Editor: Zhang Lei Zhang Gayan Pan Sitong risk NIU Xiao Lei Han Ye Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency photography studio produced the first production unit.