Shaanxi Sending Transformation Company Maze "Engineering Construction Integrity" 

Shaanxi Sending Transformation Company Maze "Engineering Construction Integrity" 

Shaanxi sent power-driven companies in the list of integrity and typical enterprises, 4-star credit enterprises were received in the star recognition, and their declared "Strengthening the construction of credit system, helping business development" was awarded excellent cases. The General Assembly selected 8 advanced experience in 331 enterprises, Shaanxi sent power-driven companies as one of them made a special statement.

As the main army of the power grid, emergency repair, the military, the transportation and maintenance of the main, Shaanxi to send the power generation company to practice the three major responsibilities of the state-owned enterprises as the foothold, closely combined with the company’s development and credit construction, and solidly promote the construction of the system system, actively Carry out the uninterection joint discipline, and the work is fully recognized by the owners and society.

The company builds the company’s integrity culture, improve the system construction mechanism, and continues to do key areas. Regulate the credit repair process, strengthen the management of the subcontracting team, improve the wind-control work system, take measures, enhance the corporate risk prevention and control.

Implement responsibility, responsible for the promotion of economic development, and integrity office and enterprises promote harmony and win-win.

Through recent efforts in recent years, Shaanxi transmission power generation companies have initially established a sound credit system, and the spirit of the iron army integrity of Shaanxi people "says must be believed, and there must be fruit" is firmly embedded in enterprise management. In the heart, externalization is in the line. In the future development, Shaanxi to send power-driven companies will adhere to the development concept of "honesty is the foundation", continuously deepen the construction of credit system, summarize the experience in the process of credit system, keep your mind, talk about credit, practice commitment, fine technology Strive to create excellence, give full play to the strength of political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, in order to accelerate construction of international leading energy Internet companies with Chinese characteristics, and make a positive contribution to the comprehensive construction of a well-off society.

(Local Contribution High Forward) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao).