Qinghai private science and technology enterprise tax contribution is gradually improved

Qinghai private science and technology enterprise tax contribution is gradually improved

Industrial regional double concentration, industrial agglomeration effect initial.

From the industry, 436 private high-tech enterprises in Qinghai Province are mainly distributed in manufacturing, scientific research and technical services and information transmission, software and information technology services. The number of three industries accounts aspect, and the industry distribution is high concentrated.

Among them: manufacturing private high-tech enterprises are mainly concentrated in 57 farmers, 23 households, chemical materials and chemical products, etc .; scientific research and technical service industry private high-tech enterprises mainly It is concentrated in two subdivision industries that have 47 professional technical services 47, research and experimental development.

From the perspective of regional distribution, Xining (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone is the main position in the innovation and development of enterprises in the province. It is also the most concentrated and most active area of ??private high-tech enterprises. There are 128 private high-tech enterprises, accounting ratio %, Formed a industry layout dominated by "high precision".

In 2020, 128 private high-tech enterprises realize the profit billions of profits, accounting for about 40% of the profits of private high-tech enterprises in the province, and the agglomeration effect is initially displayed.

The emerging field has broadening, and the number of enterprises has grown faster. In recent years, Qinghai Province has continued to accelerate the construction of an emerging industrial system, deploying innovative chains around the industrial chain, and builds an industrial chain around the innovative chain, and vigorously cultivates new products, new models, new technological states, and results in recent results. In 2020, private high-tech enterprises have accelerated in emerging fields such as information networks, biomedicine, and green environmental protection.

Internet and related software services, information technology service enterprises increased by 26 households, increased by the same period of the previous year, increased%; the proportion of technology, research and development and creative services provided by the company increased in the same period of the previous year, and the development situation was good. Biomedical companies rely on the unique medical resources of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with new pharmaceutical technology as support, focus on building modern Chinese and health products production bases, and the province’s biomedical high-tech enterprises increased to 23. At the same time, green ecological development such as low-carbon environmental protection requires important opportunities for energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises, and 2020 equipment manufacturing related to ecological protection and environmental governance, technology promotion applications have increased to 9 households, compared with the same period of last year. Number increases. Technical contract transactions have increased, and research and development innovation is enhanced. In recent years, Qinghai Provincial High-tech Enterprises have actively grasped many supports "public entrepreneurship, innovation" incentive policy measures, and continuously increase technology research and development and achievement transformation, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. In 2020, the province’s private high-tech company’s technical profit contract transaction amount rose faster, of which the technical contractual amount increased by the same period of the previous year; the amount of property transfer increased in the same period of the previous year. Enterprise benefits have improved and tax contributions are gradually improved.

As the company’s research and development is enhanced, technology innovation is accelerating, and corporate benefits are continuously improved. In 2020, the province’s private high-tech enterprises accumulated a total of operating income of 31.8 billion yuan, an increase in the same period of the previous year, and the cost of every hundred yuan of business income was down on the same period in the same period of the previous year, and the total profit increased from the same period from the previous year.

From the perspective of the household, the account average operating income of private high-tech enterprises is 730.8 million yuan, and the account average operating cost is 59.4 million yuan, and the total amount of household profits is 3.36 million yuan.

A total of 243 companies in 2020 achieved profits, and the number of profit enterprises accounted for the total number of households, which increased a percentage point from the same period last year.

The improvement in business efficiency has also made the tax source foundation. In 2020, the private high-tech enterprises accumulated tax income of 1.7 billion yuan, which increased in the same period of the previous year; accounting for the proportion of tax revenue in the province, and increased from the same period of the previous year percentage point.

(Source: National Tax Administration Qinghai Provincial Tax Office, Han Shifeng, Zhang Shi, Liu Yuan) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.