Take a scarce definition, use the wine to interpret the culture: Wuliangye shares Zhenlong Tianzi wine rossed lotus pattern

Take a scarce definition, use the wine to interpret the culture: Wuliangye shares Zhenlong Tianzi wine rossed lotus pattern

Zhenlong Tianzi, Yicheng, Yibin Wuliang Co., Ltd., is a literary boutique representative of "Inheritance and Innovation – Culture, Wanjia", with exquisite wine design and scarce quality quality wine, It has brought unprecedented new experience to consumers, constructs cultural drinking, and selection of distinguished style.

Zhenlong Tianzi wine rossed lottery is like a bottle and its encounter, like a change in time and space, re-feeling the beauty of history, and the absorbed, witness the classic reproduction.

Seeing a distant dragon, the wine is like a bottle, just like the museum art of the day, the wine is designed by the Ming and Qing Royal Royal Flat belt, and the empty, the line is smooth, attached Full of a lotus, emotional life; there is a bottleneck in the bottleneck, and it is symbolized from Wanshou. In order to ensure the cultural value and appreciation value of this high-end Cantonese boutique and the concept of "inheritance and innovation – cultural into Wanjia" project, let excellent culture entered thousands of households, Zhenlong Tianzi wine The bottle of the rigs is full of well-known ceramics masters, and the deputy professor of the Design Art Institute of Jingde Town Ceramics University, Wang Hao master, the whole process, and has a monitoring certificate.

High-end, high-definition, high-quality, is a synonym of it! Zhenlong Tianzi wine, the lotus, the bottle, a superior wine product cannot be limited to the appearance, all say the name of the wine, Yibin, Zhenlong heaven, wine, the lotus bottle Wine is a high-quality representative product that is built with the five grain shares of Wuliangye, which is a high-quality representative product of Wuliang Shares. There are also five consequently praised: colorless and transparent, grain, fragrant, Chen Xiang comfortable, mellow and gourge, natural harmony, 余 味 爽, typical! Zhenlong The old wine, the lotus, the bottle is a top trainer, the wine is old, facing such a good cultural wine, nor is it. In particular, the outslocery of the Zhenlong Son, which is like a bottle, the same, the town to live beautiful imitation wooden hand-made gift box, the generos is red as the main color, the box is covered with lotus shading, wine tank There is a card slot with a large size of the wine bottle in the center, and the four big words of the true dragon of the world, highlighting the extraordinary temperament of this real dragon day wine (entangled out lotus).

At present, the market price is 8800 yuan / set. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.