The Agricultural Rural Ministry Party Group and the Ministry of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Operations, held a comprehensive study to strictly govern the Participation of the Party Work,

The Agricultural Rural Ministry Party Group and the Ministry of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Operations, held a comprehensive study to strictly govern the Participation of the Party Work, emphasized the effects of strengthening young cadres and management supervision and building loyalty and clean assignment of three agriculture team.

(Farmer Daily, China Nong Net reporter Li Fei) On October 26, the Party Committee of the Agricultural Rural Ministry and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team held a comprehensive study to strictly govern the party’s work conference, and studied the reinforcement of young cadres. Education management supervision work. The Director of the Agriculture, the Secretary of the Agricultural Rural Ministry, who presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, putting the supervision of young cadres as a comprehensive guide to the important task of stricting the party, and practically cultivated the young cadres, select good, well-managed, use well, create a loyalty Clean young cadres team, in order to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages, accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural modernization to provide source support.

The head of the resident discipline inspection team, Wu Qinghai, member of the Party Group, announced the situation in the meeting, and made a requirement for the supervision work of the young cadres in the system.

Members of the party, the deputy ministers, and the leadership team of the Office of the Ministers, the members of the Office of Communications, and the actual statement of their own actual statements, analyze the root causes of the problem, and suggestion.

The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the supervision of young cadres’ education management, attending the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration), and issued an important speech, and issued a systematic requirements for young cadres.

The party group carefully studied and implemented the construction of the young cadres team, organized the young cadres’ training class, organized the youth theory learning team to learn, and selected outstanding young cadres to the hard area, the grassroots first-line practice exercise, strengthen the daily management supervision of young cadres, Good results. The new stage of the new stage, putting the young cadres training and education management supervision, focusing on two key points of ideological and political education and institutional mechanism, using good talk, daily reminder, warning education, supervising inspection, etc. Adhere to the combination of severe management, help young cadres to enhance the awareness of discipline, inspiring endogenous movements, let young cadres want to do things, can do things, do things, do not do things.

The meeting emphasizes that innovation of ideological education, grasping the characteristics of young cadres, paying attention to the use of young comrades to listen to, can accept the language, improve the targeted, applicability, effectiveness of ideological education, and help young cadres to tighten the ideology "total switch ", Further enhance" four awareness ", firm" four confidence ", and do" two maintenance ".

The whole link strengthens supervision and management, and the important node supervision and daily management are all connected, and the working circle management and social circle management are unified. In-depth combing the investigation and clean government risk point, formulate a system of reasonable operability, blocking risk loopholes, do Do not leave the dead end. Adhere to the classification and guidance of accurate policy, against the Division of the Bureau, institutions, research institutes, and refine supervision and management measures, pay attention to the early grasp of the small grasp, "bite the ear, pull the sleeve" in the detail section, Do anti-micro-duplex. Increase the use of young cadres, focus on the blocked card points used by the growth of the young cadres, the research introduces powerful measures, establishs the solid performance orientation, breaking the recessive steps, creating a good environment with outstanding young cadres. The meeting requires that the party organizations at all levels shall earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the subject, regularly study the supervision of young cadres and management, and the members of the leadership team should talk to the young cadres, and timely understand the dynamics of cadres and work life, help solve the actual situation. difficulty. The discipline inspection organization should seriously perform the exclusive supervision, and use the "four forms", "four forms", especially the first form, and find that the diagnosis of the seedling tendency will promptly remind, and the violations of violations are discovered together, strictly investigate, and use the case to carry out the case Warning education, do the alarm bell long.

(Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).