Three grass two wood brand innovations, original science skin care formulas committed to peace of mind

Three grass two wood brand innovations, original science skin care formulas committed to peace of mind

Natural Science Drive Brand Reprotice Three Grass Two Woods Since its brand, it has been upholding natural genes and powerful scientific logic, regardless of its brand construction or product system research and development, it is naturally rooted, with science and technology, continuous innovation and upgrading. Three grass two places like the pioneers of the skin industry, from the unstoptable footsteps, for more scientific skin care systems, three grass two woods have always been broke through, and put multi-maintenance is in the first, scientific compatibility multi-anti-Royal system, It is a comprehensive innovation after the brand upgrade. With the three grass two wooden original natural energy + scientific programs + the launch of the beautiful skin of the peace of mind, the strength of the big country brand has increased to the new height. In the domestic beauty industry, three grass two woods take the first to standardize the product system to standardize the product system, and have a texture of the industry to develop the beauty of Oriental women.

Purificive plant system, traceful skin natural gene natural energy inseparable from pure plants, looking for the best variety, the best origin, the best harvest season, the most perfect extraction method, cultivating Skin, it is the three grass two woods consistent. The three grass global net plans is in the form of farm contract, launching local farmers as ecological protector, planting picking from natural collaboration, protecting plant source, ensuring product safety.

The famous red crystal series originated from the global net plan, and the red crystal series is an important component of the red crystal series from the top ten nets in China. Clear DPPH free radicals and resist skin oxidation. Three grass two wood knows that only pure natural is is the foundation of skin. Scientific formula, multi-build skin barrier three grass two wood beautiful skin, more scientific logic, become a product explosive force.

The multi-resistance formula system is three grass two woods have always studied, create a complete and appropriate system.

The scientific program allows the best match to play the best skin care effect. Take the three grass and Japan’s future Central Research Institute. System, such as a Tianluo, the skin, the skin, the skin, the sun, the sun, and the net. Scientific verification natural initial heart, green source promises safety white crystal milk and white crystal cream, as the first innovative huge masterpiece, will pick up the first front flag, product ensures 0 addition, insist on adding any ingredients that are harmful to skin, peace of mind : Honestalline, no alcohol, flavoring, unmassine heavy metal, no antibiotics, no fluorescent, exclusible, free of nitrin-free preservatives.

Baijing series also passed 1033 scientific and empirical, adhered to 33 laboratory subjects +1000 consumers, white crystal milk continuously used for 4 weeks, brightened color +%, water grunge +%, color turbidity – %, Skin toughness +%; white crystal cream for 4 weeks, water moisturizing +%, skin tone is uniform +%, spot printing -%, skin type repair +%. In addition, the three grass two wood sticks to the green sustainable development, advocates green production, and join the environmental concept in the packaging design, and contribute to the natural source.

Three grass two woods found that plant essence from the natural source, to the original scientific program, and then to the peace of mind, and condensed the brand upgrade, and perfectly interpret the natural and scientific craftsmanship. The spirit of the big country brand is unstoppable.