Strive for greater victory in daring struggles (thought horror)

Strive for greater victory in daring struggles (thought horror)

Dare to fight, dare to win, is a powerful spiritual power of the Communist Party of China.

After the birth of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have made a happiness in the Chinese people, and establish a renewal for the Chinese nation to establish an initial mission. In order to practice the initial heart, the mission, the Chinese Communist Party conducted a hard-working great struggle, dared to fight, and the spirit of dare to victory was deeply integrated into the blood of the Communists. Our party relies on the struggle to go today, it will also have to rely on struggles to win the future. The scientific theory guided our party to carry out the right direction of great struggle, giving our party dare to fight confidence and bottom gas.

Mao Zedong led the autumn reception rule to move in Jinggangshan, in response to the question of "how long to play in the end" in the party, he insisted on the Marxist position of the Marxist position, wrote under the oil lamp of the octagon, why can China exist? "The struggle of Jinggangshan" two brilliant works, clarify the correct direction of the development of the Chinese revolution. Only theoretically awake, politically determined to find the right struggle in the direction.

Today, in the face of a great struggle with many new historical features, party members and cadres should learn to learn to learn to learn the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristic socialism in the new era of China, the 21st century Marxism, and profound understanding of the Marxist standpoint I deeply understand the historological achievements of guidelines and national undertakings, and the historological changes in historical changes, with this powerful theoretical weapon firmly dare to fight the belief, clearly conduct the direction of struggle.

The process of fighting will never easily, smooth sailing, and struggle means we have to be involved in the thorns and attack hard. In the war age, facing the cruel enemy, life and death test, countless Communists are not afraid of risk, stand up, the battlefield is "with me" rather than "give me".

In the peaceful age, the life and death test of party members and cadres, but promoted the high-quality development of economic and social, meeting the yearning of people’s good life, the need to face contradictions, risks, problems, and the same need to take out the courage of fighting And courage.

If you dare to fight, you have to take action as an act of doing things. It is also the responsibility of the cadres and the value. The knife was grind on the stone, and people practiced in things.

No matter which position is in, it is necessary to be brave enough to work, attack the hardship, cultivate a stubborn struggle spirit, quench the will of struggle, and exercise the superb struggle. Anything that is conducive to the party and the people must not be refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dry, and firmly dry.

Never touch a certain setback, you can’t get shrink, and you will fight back. It is necessary to experience the wind blowing, more times "Ants on the hot pot", take out the power of the mountain, the power of the water rack bridge, and practice the true part of the struggle. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the Communist Party will talk about party nature, and the principle is to struggle.

"For more than a hundred years, our party has not only promoted the great social revolution, but also promotes the great self-revolution, but also affects the advanced nature of the party, the problem of weakness of the party, becomes a strong struggle, becoming a Marxism that does not fall, and caught up. Political parties. Today, party members and cadres dare to fight, and be brave enough to face their own shortcomings, and fight against the problems and gaps that do not match the party’s quality requirements.

Party members and cadres must have an impartiality, unselfish spirit of iron, not talking about the principle, and talk about the party’s sex. It is necessary to have the courage of the knife, and the courage of the bones, strengthen the party’s cultivation, and use the party’s principles. (Author: Military Sciences).