The State Council issued a national fitness program (2021-2025)

The State Council issued a national fitness program (2021-2025)

Original title: National Fitness Program (2021-2025) Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 3, the State Council, the "National Fitness Program (2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"), promoting national fitness during the next time High levels of development, better meet the fitness and health needs of the people.

  According to the "plan" The construction of sports strong country is a new pace. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must implement the socialist thinking in Xi Jinping’s new era, implement the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Middle, Three Middle School, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, and adhere to the people’s center. Adhere to the concept of new development, in-depth implementation of health and Chinese strategy and national fitness national strategy, accelerate the construction of sports strong country, build a higher level of national fitness public service system, and give full play to the national fitness in improving the health and level of people’s health, promoting people’s comprehensive development, and promoting the economy Social development, showing comprehensive value and multivation of national cultural soft strength.

  "Plan" is clear, by 2025, the national fitness public service system is more complete, the people’s sports fitness is more convenient, the fitness enthusiasm is further improved, and the number of participants in the sports projects continues to improve, and the ratio of the number of sports exercise has reached%, county (city, District), township (street), administrative village (community) three-level public fitness facilities and community 15 minutes fitness circle to achieve full coverage, with a social sports instructive name, driving a total of 5 trillion yuan of national sports industry.

  "Plan" proposes eight main tasks, including increasing national fitness venue facilities, extensively carry out national fitness event activities, enhancing scientific fitness guidance service level, stimulating sports social organization vitality, promoting key population fitness activities, promoting sports The high-quality development of the industry, promoting national fitness integration development, and creates national fitness social atmosphere.

"Program" also puts forward safeguards from the completion of the target task, from strengthening organization leadership, strengthening the national fitness talents, strengthening national fitness security, providing national fitness intelligence services, etc.. The "plan" requires the "Strengthening the party’s comprehensive leadership of the national fitness work, play the role of joint conference of the people’s government’s national fitness work, promoting the national fitness work mechanism of the government leading, social collaboration, public participation, and rule of law. Local people’s governments at all county levels should include the national fitness industry into the economic and social development plan of this level, and formulate the issuance of the national fitness implementation plan.

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