The first Manta International Forum held more than ten domestic and foreign medical circles and scholars exchange in Ningxiang.

The first Manta International Forum held more than ten domestic and foreign medical circles and scholars exchange in Ningxiang.

The first Ming International Forum was held in Ningxiang (Zeng Wei) People’s Network Changsha On April 20th, the first Manta International Forum and the National County Hospital Equipment Safety Management and Innovation Development Conference were held in Hunan Ningxiang. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the administrative officer of the Mayao Medical Center Engineering Department, the professor of the University of North Carolina, more than ten domestic and foreign medical communities and scholars, and more than 300 people from the provincial and foreign countries (city) hospital managers and The industry elite gathered together.

The General Assembly focuses on "safety, efficiency, lean, innovation" as the theme, around medical "management and equipment innovation", "smart hospital construction" and other directions and hotspots, combined with the latest guidelines and clinical management practices at home and abroad, showing the leading edge of medical management at home and abroad, Advanced technology and management experience.

In addition to the academic philosophy, the forum has led the leadership, and Zhang Hongjia from the President of Beijing Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University brings "integration innovation to promote the construction of the national cardiovascular disease center system. Zhang Yue, Director, Department of Infective Management Office, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University Bringing "Environmental Control: Hospital Institute" "" "" "" "" "" "" Liu Liang, Dean of Ningxiang City People’s Hospital, hoping to have the bridge of friendship with the "Flower Ming International Forum" as a friendship.

Chen Deqi, deputy mayor of Ningxiang Municipal People’s Government, introduced the policy of "county strong, hometown and village stabilization" in recent years, with a township, up and down linkage, information interoperability, and operational efficient county medical hygiene Service new system.

Chen Weifeng, president of Hunan Hospital Association, said to promote the comprehensive reform of county-level hospitals, and promote development, improve county-level hospital service capabilities, and the inevitable requirements of "basic, strong grassroots, construction mechanism", is to alleviate rural people to see a doctor It is difficult to see the key links of the problem of expensive problems and is also a major initiative to coordinate urban and rural health development.

The deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Health and Health Committee, member of the party group, and the provincial health and health committee first-class inspector Longkai Supermult conducted a "medical quality and safety management" theme speech.

From "Building a system, improving the two levels, establishing three systems, achieving four major goals, improving the five capability" five levels, and is described in detail.

On-site questioning, the experts of the meeting were warmly discussed, and the scene was full. The afternoon academic lecture is still strong, professor of Medical College, North Carolina, USA, UNC Healthcare System, Pharmaceutical, Professor William, Occupational Health and Safety Program, Department of Engineering, Department of Neural Engineering, Deputy Director, Department of Neural Engineering, Deputy Director Kevin The professor shared the "Environmental Infection Prevention and Control Management Strategy of the Global Epidemic Center", "Medical Innovation, etc." Li Wei, deputy dean of Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, brought "War Sharing: Dean" Cockpit "Help Hospital" Economic Management Year "Activities" Equipment Quality Control and Evaluation " Muyan, the office, brings "Thinking and Exploration of Special Device Recise", Liu Yulu, director of the Department of Medicine Department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, brought "Medical Equipment Management Thinking: Economics and Safety", Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital Medical Engineering Division Liu Qilin Bringing "Smart Hospital Logistics System Construction Practice Sharing", the report content is followed by the international frontier, combined with clinical practice, so that the industry has launched a face-opposite ideological exchange and collision. (Zeng Wei Huang Li) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).