The Supervision Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection is a typical issue of five destroying business environments.

The Supervision Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection is a typical issue of five destroying business environments.

Original title: The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission notified the typical problem of five destroying business environments on December 6, and the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission of Discipline Inspection and Commission for five destroyed business environments typically. These five typical issues are: Wang Xuejun, the former team of Urban Management and Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Center, Zhenxing District, Dandong City, the original team leader Wang Xuejun violates the regulations of the management service object gift gift and suspected of accepting bribes.

From 2017 to 2020, Wang Xuejun used the convenience and influence of the position of daily market capacity management, inspection and market relief law enforcement, and many violations accepted the management of management service objects, and the management of the administrative objects, abuse, and management, etc. The power, help specific merchants to take advantage of interests and accept bribes, seriously affecting normal business activities in the jurisdiction, and destroying the order of fair competition. In August 2021, Wang Xuejun was expected to be held in accordance with the law, and have been investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Zhao Long, the original general manager of Huayu Auto Rental (Dalian) Co., Ltd., recommended suppliers and charges the benefits, and violations of business issues.

From 2016 to 2018, Zhao Long used his position to facilitate the rental parking project, and the relevant company was recommended as an exclusive supplier as an exclusive supplier to help him obtain business, and it provided convenience in subsequent operations. Afterwards, you will receive the money; if you have set up a company, you have an affiliate business, and use the company’s external purchase of auto parts projects to organize the company, illegally profit, seriously disrupt the market economic order, and harm the market entity is equitable to participate in competition. rights and interests. Zhao Long also had other violations of laws and discipline, in August 2021, it was transferred to the public office, suspected of criminal issues were transferred to the judicial organ treatment.

Li Mingfu, former Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau of Benxi, Yungu Autonomous County, illegally charged others, and gains interests for relevant companies. From 2008 to 2021, Li Mingfu used the convenience and influence of the captain, deputy political commissar, deputy director of the Huanren Manchu Autonomous County Public Security Bureau, helping a company for many years to undertake most of the county’s accident vehicle maintenance business, charge a commission annually Fees; unlike collective decisions, companies that have designated their friends to undertake the road application mark project, and collect the benefits; many violations help the vehicle transport industry to eliminate the illegal record of the vehicle, privately release the unpubstated seizure vehicle, Seriously disrupt the local normal vehicle management business order, affecting bad. Li Mingfu still has other violations of laws and discipline, in August 2021, it is removed from the party, expeling public relations, suspected of criminal problems.

Zhang Yuliang, a regulatory monitoring of the Land and Resources Bureau of Huludao City, and Zhang Yuliang, is unstruthfully, and it has caused problems to relevant companies. In October 2018, Zhang Yuliang was not seriously incomprehensible when drafting the document of the "Regular Property Certificate" documents of the company, causing the file number and the number of non-moving property rights certificates to be sent to the company. The company first filed an administrative lawsuit with a document error, requiring the decision made by the Ministry of Land, and confusing the audiovisual to report to the relevant departments, which caused a bad social impact.

In June 2021, Zhang Yuliang was warned by the party within the party.

Jinming, an judge of the Executive Board of the People’s Court of Liaoyang Lighthouse, in the judicial implementation, slow as a legal interests of enterprises.

In January 2016, Jinming did not carefully perform their duties when the case is responsible for a corporate debt dispute case, and did not inquire about the property of the actor. It is lying that the executor has no ability to fulfill the ability. The applicant agrees to end this execution. Production of false collegiate panel pen record violation end case executives; Since then, although applicants have asked to implement, it is still not moving, and not to decide to perform a notice to perform legal instruments to be implemented, not informal, performing laws during designation. The obligation of instrument is determined, resulting in the case until June 2021, and seriously affects the production and operation of the enterprise, and destroys the rule of law.

In September 2021, Jinming was punished by a government affairs. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission emphasized that it is necessary to continue to increase the accountability of destroying business environment supervision and obsession, in-depth rectification, there is no problem, negatively cope, perfunctory, delay, lazy, act slowly, etc. The daily supervision of the administrative law enforcement departments and service units, centralized rectification hinders and the bottlenecks of the business environment, and the policies should not be considered, and the policy is not implemented according to law, constantly increasing the exposure efforts, formation Powerful shock.

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