Sichuan Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Forum "on stage"

Sichuan Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Forum "on stage"

  "Sichuan and Taiwan blood of the same, because ‘The margin of’ blending, due to ‘karmic’ hand in hand, because ‘letter margin’ close, because ‘marriage’ blind date." Yao, vice governor of Sichuan Province, Stan, although a few words, but suddenly narrowed the distance between Sichuan and Taiwan, so Taiwan guests feel at home here.

  April 17, the sixth stage of Sichuan Agricultural Cooperation Forum held in Yunlin County, Taiwan, Sichuan Province, part of the city departments and state government official in charge of agriculture, agricultural experts and scholars as well as relevant industry associations, business representatives, chambers of commerce and Kaohsiung in Taiwan Hakka , Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou, Changhua, Yunlin County Farmers and other city and business representatives, nearly 300 people attended the forum to discuss the sustainable development of agriculture and agricultural cooperation Chuan new opportunities.

  Stan Yao said in his speech, Sichuan is a major agricultural province, fertile land, who was Fu Feng, traditional agriculture intensive, rich in all kinds of agricultural products, a wide range of grain and oil crops, animal husbandry, aquatic resources are very rich. Sichuan and Taiwan in recent years, frequent cultural exchanges, economic and trade cooperation closely.

"We warmly welcome friends from Taiwan and more to Sichuan and look around, look for business opportunities in agricultural cooperation, and look forward to discuss field trips through the exchange of this forum and learn from the wisdom and experience in Taiwan modern agriculture and rural building .

"" Sichuan is a major agricultural province, is Taiwan’s Yunlin county agriculture, arable land accounted for one station is. "Yunlin County Magistrate Zhang Lishan said in his speech, Yunlin known as the" granary of Taiwan, "Taiwan’s agricultural development ranking the first.

She hopes to take the opportunity of the forum, the two share mutual experience in agriculture, the future look for more opportunities for cooperation. Forum, Professor Emeritus, National Taiwan University Chen Bao-ji, Chengdu Vice Mayor Liu Xuguang and so gave a keynote speech, on behalf of the two sides exchanged views on cooperation projects in Sichuan Taiwan agricultural industry. Forum in front of the venue, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou, Changhua, Yunlin and other places farmers will set up a product display stand. The Tiegukeng coffee Yunlin, Changhua burdock tea, Kaohsiung, pineapple and so attract a lot of guests stopped.

  Not long ago, just returned from Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places to come back to visit Kaohsiung Farmers Xiaohan Jun, chairman, said 2016 years ago, cross-strait agricultural exchanges hot network, but after the DPP came to power, cross-strait agricultural exchanges on "Kaka." Xiaohan Jun believes that agriculture is important for both sides, it is also their own strengths, hopes the two sides attach importance to agricultural exchanges, learn from each other. Repeatedly sent to participate in the forum in Taiwan Chairman Wang Zhongpeng Peng Jing, he said cross-strait agricultural cooperation has great room for development, Taiwan’s organic agriculture and farm produce processing and manufacturing technology, cultural and creative tourism, health care and other retirement mutual integration of economic and business models compare mature, there is reference to the agricultural industry to upgrade the mainland. Group’s investment in the mainland to set up Peng Jing (China) Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., have set up demonstration bases in Nanjing, Ma’anshan, Lanzhou, Tai’an and other places, the introduction of Taiwan’s home ore organic farming, to create the perfect organic growing techniques, management systems and sales platform to ensure the safety of agricultural products.

  The forum of "earth-friendly, sustainable agriculture" as its theme, by the Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Society, Sichuan Province across the Taiwan Strait Exchange Foundation and Taiwan, "Wang reported," Yunlin County Farmers organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Taiwan Hakka Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou, Changhua County Farmers and other cities in Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Sichuan development (holding) co company.

  During the stage, Sichuan agricultural delegation will also visit some of Taiwan grassroots peasant, agricultural park, agriculture and biotechnology companies to visit. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Sichuan Province, Mao Xiong said the industry over the years, Sichuan and Taiwan have forged profound friendship through the exchange of agriculture.

Through the forum and visit, Taiwan’s agricultural business some advanced concepts, such as precision farming, secondary and tertiary industries integration development worthy of Sichuan learn. According to reports, in recent years, Sichuan, with rich agricultural resources, a good foundation, a huge market, and so generous policy of comparative advantage, and Taiwan to carry out effective docking in precision farming, modern agriculture, a wide range of areas of cooperation. By the end of last year, a total of Sichuan Taiwan-funded enterprises 2317, a total investment of $ 19.7 billion, the indicators are ranked first in the western region.

Which, in Sichuan Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises have developed rapidly, Sichuan Taiwan agricultural cooperation has been gradually formed a good momentum of multi-level and all-round cooperation, cooperation projects nearly 300, more than $ 2 billion.

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