Shangdu Dufu Supermarket: Comntaria Expansion Innovation

Shangdu Dufu Supermarket: Comntaria Expansion Innovation

On May 8, 2020, the 73rd store of Shangdu Dufu Supermarket is located in the Binhu New District’s Red House Supermarket Building, the main market shop is opened! The big market store is 250 square meters, which is the transformation and innovation of the Hongfu supermarket community store. Make In the category arrangement, the new door store has abandoned small and small traditional layout. According to the surrounding community consumption, it matches the need for supplies, adding a new dining area, providing consumers with rich variety, a variety of tastes, and many old days. Meal, open the online and lower single-line delivery business, build more convenient channels for consumers.

During the opening, the promotions attracted many customers, the scene was crowded, selling hot, especially the red kitchen dining area, always popular, seats. At the same time, the New Exquisite Supermarket Ronggong Museum in the East Coast of Swan Lake, Hefei Administrative District is also intensing in construction and is expected to open the door in July.

The project is a project of Hongfu Supermarket and the Strategic Cooperation of Huangguang Group and is also the first store in the government affairs area of ??Hongfu Supermarket.

The project area is more than 3,000 square meters, with a total investment of nearly 10 million yuan, is the innovation of the Red Fufu Supermarket to create a light business exquisite supermarket.

The selection of Shanghai famous designers in the store design, introducing the front and minimalist design, and has a combination of Chinese traditional culture, highlighting new, fine, and tide.

The new retail is fully integrated with the new retail, and all the applications of new technologies such as Ali and Jingdong platform are integrated, strengthen self-help, online booking, personalized customization; highlights, young, business, from boutique, exquisite Life, precision service, up-hand, provide customers with a different experience; tide is combined with the popular network red mode, light food, fast, slow life, home culture, highlight,, 得 个, 打 红 府Blending the store will be inevitable.

As we all know, many business operations have been struggling, and many business operations have taken a stroke, and they have taken a contractual strategy. At this time, the red house supermarket is moving, and the new store is intended. He is aware of Hefei people. It started in the old city. After nearly 20 years of development, the Red Fufu supermarket has been relatively dense in the old city, and only 5 stores are distributed in small scores, while the store in the new city is relatively small. In recent years, the market environment has undergone fundamental changes, the new city is constantly rising, the population of the old city is relatively abolished, the problem of the difficulties, the problem of parking is hard to solve, affecting the customer experience, and the old city store cover the mutual mutual Overlapping, both waste of resource allocation, which also restricts the further development of Hongfu Supermarket. In the face of the change in the city’s business environment, the Hongfu Supermarket puts forward the development strategy of jumping out of the old city and going to the new district. The Hongfu Supermarket has been screened by existing stores in the old city, and the store has been adjusted on stores that overlap the business district and the relatively insufficient property conditions. For example, the red star road in the Changjiang Road, there is a red house supermarket center square shop in the east, and there is a store in the west of Hongfu Supermarket. It is a big store in 3,000 square meters. The Red House Supermarket is filtered and actively gives up the Red Star Road of the Case. At the central square store at both end, the Star City store covers the surrounding residents of Hongxing Road, while using the red house supermarket currently relatively mature online full-channel distribution business, the old city has no dead angle distribution. At the same time, the red house supermarket accelerates the location of the new district of Binhu, Government, and the West, with a large number of two latitude, big, that is, the large community is vigorously developed in the neighborhood exquisite supermarket; small, fast Layout neighboring convenience store.

It is reported that 2020 Hongfu Supermarket will open no less than 3 new generation exquisite supermarkets in the new city, 10 neighboring convenience stores. In December 2000, the business capital of Shangzhi was established. 20 years of bombing points, Hongfu Supermarket has developed from a store to 73 state-owned large-scale chain supermarkets with various stores.

The red government will continue to explore the truth, find a more in line with its own development, and believe that the Red Hover will be the new starting point for the 20th anniversary of the new development strategy, with the principle of integrity Hui Hui, Li Minhong The source of the government is the foundation of enterprises, and the road of innovation will get wider.