The people’s abilities have made an anxious medical beauty platform to govern!

The people’s abilities have made an anxious medical beauty platform to govern!

Recently, Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing New Oxygen Technology Co., Ltd. were prosecuted by many stars, and the case was more disputes with network infringement.

Public information shows that perfect creativity has a total of 48 new information this year, involving Yang Yang, Li Bingbing, Song Wei, Zhang Yishan, Zhou Yangqing, Wei Wei, Wu Wei, Wu Ming, Gu Liangzi. As a well-known medical beauty platform, I believe that many netizens have the name of more beautiful App, new oxygen App, is not strange. So, this time I have made the court by many stars, what is it? From the media report, the dispute between network infringement is the medical beauty platform in the marketing publicity process, unauthorized use of a lot of star photos.

In terms of popularity, it is the commercial promotion and propaganda of medical and shaping. The star is the public figure, their life, stills, etc., can be published online.

However, it is the most basic legal common sense to "portraits that do not use citizens without my consent."

The traffic of "" stars "", has been suspected of violations of the portrait rights and reputation rights. The medical beauty platform is illegal to carry out marketing, the batch! But more should be considered, why is the "head player" in these industries, for basic laws and regulations In the case, it is for a "thing in fact. In the above platform, it was prosecuted by the star. It was not a new thing. On December 26, 2019, the perfect creative has passed the official Weibo, the abuse of the star photos, the shake portrait Apologize the right.

Unauthorized, star and entertainment events are unknown to the laws and public opinion risk, they are unaffected.

The medical beauty platform "I hope to pass the star photos will be transmitted, and people rationally look at the interpretation of the beauty".

The marketing chaos of a ridiculous car, leaving a keyword – appearance anxiety. "Women will be whole, women are beautiful.

"Just like the new oxygen is shown in the controversial slogan, some medical beauty institutions use the" Filter Age "people value the value of the value, further manufacturing appearance anxiety, deliberately rendering is not enough" Life is not Complete ", will result in" hunting the wall "in the job search, gathering, and career.

Not only that, and some medical institutions are associated with negative evaluation factors such as "low energy" "poverty" in publicity, or to induce consumption with "low energy" "poverty" and "high quality" "success". It is the appearance "Recharge". The medical beauty institution is so naked, which is to make large plastic market cakes. The traffic of the medical beauty platform "" stars, the logic behind – the use of the popular popularity, the importance of the value.

What if the ordinary person does not do? Medical beauty plastic is to extend "olive branches"! From the flatness of unmixed, the stars contribute too many fantasy stories, and he has a good face and a great success (she), it is easy to be established as a "color economy" model; for the majority of fans In terms of seeing the stars in medical beauty advertising, it is inevitable that the stars will also change their impressions through medical and beautiful plastic surgery. The problem is that the stars don’t have a whole shape, is it for the promotion of the medical beauty institutions that promote promotion, and the outsiders cannot verify. Such a marketing routine, it has been suspected of illegal violations, suspected of infringing the portrait of others and privacy; Beauty, and it will cause misleading effect. It is particularly worth noting that under the marketing of medical and American institutions and platform, it has a low-age risk.

Some minors were confused by similar appearance anxiety, hoping to take the "life shortcut" by cosmetic surgery, which existed the safety hazard of medical surgery, and it is also a distortion of its "three views". Stars often have a lot of young fans.

Without a star license, use its portrait to promote medical beauty business, induce minors "recharge", and negative impacts.

These medical beauty platforms that are repeatedly prosecuted by the stars must be closed, and they will face legal disposal. Manufacturing anxiety, big flicker, suspected of infringing violations, this kind of striking road is not far away.

(Editor: Xu Yuhan, Songyuan) Sharing let more people see.