Suffering and freshmen – Tibet turned over servoral files: Xindan

Suffering and freshmen – Tibet turned over servoral files: Xindan

The portrait of the Supreme Supreme (September 26). Xinhua News Agency reporter Pu Zisei took a born in 1934, it is a village of a village in Shenzha Town, Shenzhao County, Tibet. "My parents have 7 children, and family is serf.

"Since the time.

At that time, she helped the serfs to put cattle and sheep. It is almost necessary to hand over the seril, and you can’t eat it. Sometimes I can’t find something to eat, I can only dig wild vegetables on the grassland. "We don’t have a house, usually can only live in tents. When you graze, there is no tent, just find a river gitch, will sleep." Since the time of remember, never passed through the shoes before 20 years old.

  In 1959, Tibet conducted democratic reform, including millions of servants, including the time, ushered in new students. The Spring home is divided into a horse, a dozen yak, more than 50 sheep, this is the first time she has her own property.

  The Communist Party gave us cattle and sheep, leading us to develop production, I should think about it. "Since the time, she gerlenched into the idea of ??hanging the flag in their own door.

The Supreme Danto people find a bamboo pole, the grassland is big, and the bamboo should not stand. The village found a steel bar inserted in the gate of the Dynasty. He later, she can hang the flag at the door. In 2012, the 78-year-old Dan Dang officially joined the Communist Party of China.

"I am older, many things forget, but I am a Communist Party member, I will not forget this.

"Since the time.

  "I can’t eat it before, what I want to eat now, what to wear, what is getting better and better, this is only the Communist Party to do.

"She said. The ID card of the elderly (photographs on November 10). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jinmeiji took a time Dynasty old man and family, the villagers were together (September 26). Xinhua News Agency At home, take the door to September 26. Xinhua News Agency, Sun Ruibo, took the party emblem in the hands of the elderly, and carefully wiped (Photographed on January 31).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gedangjie’s Shenzha County Shenzha Town is a panoramic view (photo on January 31).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tian Jinwen (Editor: Li Wenzhi).