Taizhou Jiaojiang Court Judicial Suggestion Travel Agency strengthens environmental tourism work

Taizhou Jiaojiang Court Judicial Suggestion Travel Agency strengthens environmental tourism work

Original title: Jiaojiang Court Judicial Recommendations Travel Agency Strengthening Environmental Tourism Work With the vigorous development of domestic tourism, the environmental damage and pollution caused by tourism, is also growing serious social issues. A few days ago, Taizhou Jiaojiang District People’s Court found that the current travel agency and tour guides are not promoted and suggested in the operation and group process, and there is no corresponding environmental protection facilities, and there is no establishment of environmentally friendly supporting mechanisms. . To this end, according to the characteristics of environmental protection, the hospital issued a judicial proposal to the District Culture and the Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau to promote the synergy of environmental protection in the region. The hospital suggests that the District Culture and Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau supervises the entity of the travel agency in the jurisdiction to implement the subject’s responsibility of environmental protection tourism, and implement the guidance, leaders in the propaganda, guidance, prompts such as environmentally friendly tourism in the team.

If you can ask for a tourism business, you will make a commitment to environmentally friendly tourism; ask the travel agency to establish an operation plan, rules and regulations of environmentally friendly tourism; ask the tour guide to integrate civilized tourism, environmental protection tips to explain, advocate to tourists Green travel, energy-saving and environmentally friendly philosophy. While suggesting that tourists conduct environmental compulsory information, the hospital also stated that the construction of the ecological civilization construction of each scenic spot, environmental protection tourism propaganda should be normalized, and the ecological protection work in tourism development must have specific protection measures. As Jiaojiang Da Chen Island as an island scenic spot, the ecosystem is sensitive to fragile, so it is necessary to suggest that the scenic area management unit, reasonably evaluate the area to accommodate the area, avoiding the inflow of the passenger, aggravating the burden of local infrastructure, and destroying the natural ecological balance of the island .

  The hospital said in the Judicial Recommendation, I hope to strengthen information interoperative, work contact, and build a multi-protected system in the field of ecological environmental protection, build a multi-protected system, and to form an ecological environmental protection. Demonstration creation action.

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